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December 01, 2006



I'm looking forward to the day that Lex Luthor unmasks to reveal he's actually Allen Funt and that Crisis On Infinite Earths was just one big joke and the Multiverse is really there. Oh, what egg on the faces of the DC superheroes there'd be! :)

Mark Engblom

Well, Allen Funt IS wearing a purpley-magenta suit on that Action Comics cover...and we all know Lex Luthor is partial to green and purple, so you may be on to something there, Loren!

You know, speaking of a Crisis prank, considering how DC's mismanaged so many aspect of its post-Crisis titles, part of me WISHES it was revealed to be an elaborate Luthor/Funt scheme. All it's missing is the canned laugh track from Candid Camera!

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