> The Learning Company (1996-1998)


In late 1996, I made the big jump from the print world into the software. Besides finally getting the opportunity to learn a host of new art platforms and programs, I also had the opportunity to learn basic animation techniques (of the 8-frames per second variety). Due to the nature of the software industry at the time, some of my assigned projects were produced for the market, while others were shelved (due to a variety of factors). In 1998, the TLC bigwigs decided to close the Minneapolis office, so that ended my brief "detour" into "pixel poking" (the nickname for creating and refining low-resolution artwork).

You'll note the rather choppy, pixelated look of many of the examples. Keep in mind that, in software industry terms, the late 90's is ancient history. As such, the computers of the time were not able to process the high resolution graphics we're accustomed to today. So, by necessity, artwork created at this time had to be much simpler and somewhat limited.