> The Comics Buyer's Guide (1986-1991)


Back when I was a "young buck" in the late 1980's, The Comics Buyer's Guide was THE source for All Things Comic Book. Editors Don and Maggie Thompson created a wonderful hybrid of newspaper and fanzine, featuring up-to-date news and commentary, as well as columns and artwork from fans. I started sending in "spot art" (used to fill up open spaces), and to my delight, Don and Maggie printed it. Later on, I decided to take a crack at an editorial cartoon, which the Thompson's also printed. For the next five or six years, I was a regular contributor to CBG, doing editorial cartoons or spot art illustrations as my busy college life allowed. I've selected some of my favorites for you to view. Keep in mind, these were done quite a few years ago...but what they lack in technique, I think they make up for in effectiveness. Enjoy.