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August 12, 2009



Lovin the top 10 so far. I am calling the next 5, batmobile (duh), maybe Green Goblin's flier, the FF's jet...ok so I called 3 of the 5. It's a better percentage then I get on those quizzes.


I dunno. As goofball as the Spider-Mobile was, it had to have saved a lot of web fluid for old Spidey. It didn't run on web fluid over gasoline, right?

Who knows, maybe Marvel will bring it back--With Transformers being a hot commodity now, I wouldn't be surprised. (:


If you've included the Silver Surfer's board in this list of vehicles then I guess Iron Man's suit of armour could also be considered a vehicle.

I also second the Batmobile and the FF's Fantasticar and add Blue Beetle's Bug and/or Nite Owl's Archie.

Mark Engblom

"If you've included the Silver Surfer's board in this list of vehicles then I guess Iron Man's suit of armour could also be considered a vehicle."

I realize the definition of a "vehicle" gets stretched with the inclusion of the surfboard, but here's my logic: I'm defining "vehicle" as anything separate from a character (or characters) that can transport them from point A to point B. I realize Iron-Man's armor is technically a separate entity from Tony Stark and a vehicle of sorts, but on a visceral level, you see one "object" when you view Iron-Man....and "two" when you view the Surfer on his board. So, that's why I've ruled out suits of armor in my survey yet kept the board.

Clear as mud? Good!


Great list so far, haven't heard of a few of them. That's why I love this site. Superman's spaceship with the fists at the front has to be number one. Always wanted that toy and never got it. Sigh...


Gotta disagree with you, Mark, about no one surpassing Kirby's depiction of the Surfer. IMO, no one outclasses [original SS series penciller] John Buscema in that regard.

Mark Engblom

Buscema was certainly one of the best Surfer artists (and one of the best overall artists), but I think it depends on which "version" of the Surfer one bests responds to. I wasn't much of a fan of the emo soliloquizer Stan Lee made the Surfer into, which (to me) will always be synonymous with Buscema's correspondingly overwrought body language. I love Buscema's work, but his tendency to push emotion to "volume level 11" sometimes crossed over into silent movie caricature.

Before the Surfer routinely covered his eyes with the crook of his arm in despair, Kirby's Surfer was a more mysterious, ethereal, and somewhat eerie figure. Part of that came from the way Kirby drew the Surfer's eyes...wide,unblinking, almost saucer-like, and evoking the big-head aliens of countless UFO stories. Kirby's body positions for the Surfer conveyed a single-minded confidence, his elaborate flights paths a complex, unsearchable intellect. I didn't get any of that with Buscema's Surfer...who often just stood and moped on his board, head in hands.

Wes C

Well I was going to say what Hube said...

I love Kirby's rendition of his own characters over anybody else, except for the Silver Surfer. Buscema really did make that character his own. The art Buscema did on the Surfers series is just incredible. Even if he is all emo.

I hope the "Flying Bathtub" Fantasticar makes it in the list. I've never cared much for the other clunkier version.

I remember liking the Black Knights Atomic Steed, hopefully that'll make an appearance.

Cabin Campbell

The number 1 coolest vehicle, the Atomic Knights giant, mutant Dalmatians. High five! Anyone? No one? Aw the heck with you guys!
P.S. Keep up the outstanding blogging!


Didn't Denzel Washington and another sub crew member get into who was the best Silver Surfer artist in Crimson Tide? Denzel came down on Kirby's side as I recall.

Didn't the golden age Fiddler (not Riddler) have a fiddle-mobile?
Wasn't there a Joker Sky Sled?
A one-shot hero named Starman in a Batman story had a Starplane I think.

While I see the reason for modernizing Brainiac's ship, the good ol' flying saucer worked pretty good. That style was good enough for Klaatu, Kurggo, Leslie Nielsen, Ray Harryhausen, the invasive saucer men, the thing (from another world, 2x) and many other distinguished visitors.

I always like the original fantasticar, too, even if many early fans wrote in calling it a flying bathtub. Why did the FF call their jet a pogo plane? Was it like a Harrier?

Mark Engblom

Brian and Zubzwank:

I did include the Supermobile and the Fiddle-Car...in my Top Ten Lamest Comic Book Vehicles, that is. Check out parts one and two to see them, plus eight other losers.


u got to love that flying porsche would love to see that in a fury movie

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