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August 22, 2009


Robby Reed

Now I, Robby Reed, have lost my favorite blog. Another FF story comes to mind: WHEN FALL THE MIGHTY. Thanks for hours upon hours of entertainment, Mark. --Kirk Kimball


figures. i just discovered this site a week ago!


Awwwww ...! 'Bye, Mark. You'll be missed. :-(


This is a true blow to all comic blogs I read your site for a year straight every day from work and really enjoyed it. The Doom/Santa post gave me and my friends good laughs.

Hope to hear from ya again, Peace.

Michael Lee


You're one of the good guys. I'm sorry to lose Comic Coverage, but a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do. All the best to you and your family.

Frank Zieglar

Sorry to see you go and wish you well. Thanks for all your work, I've enjoyed it!


I am so incredibly disappointed, as your blog is among my very, very favorite. But, please know that I (and many others) appreciate all the GREAT work and time you have put in. You will undoubtedly be missed. Godspeed.


What everybody else said.

Mark, your blog has been at the top of my favorites since I found it.

Your humor, artwork, sense of morality and most of all your unabashed love of comics will be missed.

Not to be too melodramatic, but it feels like we're losing a friend.

But kudos to you for going out while still on top, so few do.

As great as all the post were, I think "Worst Cover Ever" and "Dr. Doom's Santas" were the absolute peak.

But from a design stand point the series on Kryptonite really resonates inside my head.

Best of luck with the shoulder, and to all you future endeavors.

I'll be looking for Tipton's book you contributed artwork to.


Sigh...what a pity, and I just got into reading this blog! The best of luck to you though man, and I hope that shoulder gets well!


Thanks for all you've done, Mark. Your creative comics commentary will be missed but it will live on in our hearts.

I hope you will be keeping the site up? I'd hate to see your archives go the way of the recently deceased and deleted Fortress of Solitude blog.


er...I meant the Fortress of Fortitude.


Mark, I've always enjoyed your blog even though I haven't commented very often. I hope you find the time to jump back on here someday, even if it's just on a once-a-month basis if nothing else.

sushil r designs

I was in denial and kept coming back after you posted this, but reality's finally setting in.

Thanks so much for all the information, entertainment, and inspiration! Best of luck with all that you do, Mark.


Wow--I'm in shock. You will be missed, Mark...and on a selfish note, thank goodness we will still have access to your archives! Take care.

Mark Engblom

Yes! Check out my main page and you'll see that I've got nifty little buttons for each category for visitors to click...making it much easier to use than the standard archive listings.

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