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August 22, 2009



OMG, I didn't see this coming! I started reading your blog last year during your Superman@70 month, and have been reading lyally ever since. My favorite part was your comic book quizzes, which I always failed at :)

Thanks Mark for your blog. Best of luck!


Like some others I've only been reading for about a year but it is one of the few blogs (and only "non professional") blog I read everyday. Sorry to see you go but understand your reasons. I was a joy to read the intelligent thoughts of someone from my side of the aisle, too few of us speak up. Maybe that's something else that will "change"

God bless and don't feel bad about "slinking" back from time to time.

Dave Whitwell

I hope you take a well-earned break and someday (soon) return to this wonderful, funny and unmissable blog - even on a once or twice monthly basis.

Your essential blog has been a real joy to read and I will miss it. Good luck in all you do.

Dave Whitwell, England

ShadowWing Tronix

I also discovered your blog during Superman @ 70, during my recovery time. It's the first blog I ever started reading regularly, which makes you partly responsible for my blog.

At least you leave on a high note. Worked for Family Ties. Comic Coverage will live on in the fans and blogs you've inspired.


Can I have your comics books, then?

Seriously, Mark, your kind note was one of the first encouraging words I received about my blog, and thus I've always felt indebted to you.

And as much as the loss of Comic Coverage will leave a you sized hole in the blogosphere, I wish you nothing but health and success in your future.

David Morefield

Wow, Mark, sorry to see the adventure end, but I guess they all do eventually, huh? I certainly understand how hard it is to keep cranking out (good) new content on top of everything else happening in one's life, but you managed it better than just about anyone.

Best of luck to you in all things and please keep the archives up as long as you can. I've got a lot to catch up on.

Mark Engblom

Wow. Thanks for the kind words, guys. Makes a guy almost want to take up blogging again!

To answer the question, yes...I will keep the blog up and running for the time being, or at least until I can get the material properly archived and, perhaps, preserved in book form (using one of those nifty blog-to-book services). I'd hate to just pull the plug on so much work.

If the spirit moves you, click on the "tip jar" in the side panel to throw a few bucks my way....which will help with the hosting costs (which will come due in about a month). If not, that's fine, too.

Again, thanks for your support and readership. As much as you might miss Comic Coverage, I'll miss sharing my love of comics even more. But, looking back over the past three years...not a bad "love letter" if I do say so myself.

See ya!

Renato Pastor

Long time watcher, first time posting, as they say....it´s pretty sad when you hear someone is shutting their blog down and you have to remove it from your favorites , and , well, close the door behind you.

It was fun reading this blog, and I wish you all the best :)

Captain Average

Wow. I'm just flabbergasted. Thank you so much for your work, your artistry, your insight, your enthusiasm, your humor, your Fantastic body of work on this blog. I'm sure some other sites would recognize the honor of having you as an occasional guest blogger, if that's possible. More importantly, I hope your injury will allow you to continue to enjoy art for your own sake. I've enjoyed your blog for at least three years, and I'll miss it. Can I move next door to you, so we can hang out, reading and talking comics? Seriously, God bless you and yours, and again, we thank you.

Bruce Lombard


I was a late-comer to your blog (I only discovered it a few months ago), but I instantly became a big fan.

Your blog entries were informative and entertaining. You could tell you put a lot of heart, soul and hard work into it. I am sure it was extremely time-consuming. I don't blame you for wanting to step away from it.

So, best of luck to you, and enjoy the extra time you will have.

Best wishes,

Bruce L., Minnesota

Z Ryan

It was great while it lasted. Enjoy your new found free time.


I guess tehre's not mucho more to add after all these thank you/farewell posts, but I wanted to add my two cents, and let you know I had a great time while it lasted. I wish you the best of the best on future endeavors!


I've always admired brilliant creators who step out at the top of the their game, but I'm always a bit saddened too—not wanting the greatness to end.

I wish you nothing but the best for the future, Mark. Farewell.


Like the others before me, I'm kind of new to your blog. I'm going to miss it, but there is still plenty of stuff to go back and look at.

Thanks for all your hard work. I hope your shoulder heals up and you get to catch up on all the things you wanted.

Best of luck and take care!

Chris Tolworthy

Oh No! Not again! Last year it was Dial B for Blog. Then it was Fake Stan Lee. Then Star Lord. Now Comic Coverage. It's a massacre!

Alan Bryan

Crap. I only discovered this Blog like 2 or 3 months ago and now it vanishes.
What a Pisser.

You're a good guy too. I like your style.
Oh, well.
Time to start my own Blog.

Alan / jettblackberryx / jettblack9


Amazing work. Thanks a lot for it.


Hard to say anything that hasn't been said above, Mark. Comic Coverage has been an everyday visit for me, and I'll miss it. Hope your shoulder gets better soon!


I was hoping my first post wouldn't be my last.

Thanks for the great read, Mark.


Thanks a lot ! I'll miss your great blog.
Greetings from across the Atlantic

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