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August 22, 2009



Mark, A big thank you for all of the effort you put into this blog. I've gotten immense enjoyment out of my daily visits, and it will be missed. God bless, and good luck in all that you do.

Erik in Columbus,OH

A pity as I'd only discovered this blog a few weeks back and have been overwhelmed by the engaging presentation of such vast information.

But for such diligent work in that short amount of time, and then multiply that...

In a nutshell, if anyone deserves a break, you've earned it. It was fun while it lasted, and I'm sure I'll keep coming back for an archive binge here and there.


Sorry to hear from your blog-retirement,it has been a plesure to read every afternoon.. buuut... sure you,ll find other interesting things to do far from the laptop...as Bob marley said "there,s a natural mistic flowing in the air"...er...and i don,t know why exactly i,ve typed this, but... probably because is the theme i,m hearing in my ipod right now, jajaja Good luck, Mark!

Eric in Lake Benton, MN

I've never posted on here before, though I've wanted to :), But I have enjoyed your blog for quite a while. Thank you for creating such a fun blog! It was hilarious, clean, thought-provoking, and all around good depository of Comic Book knowledge!

It's bee a treat looking at all of the different themes like "Worst Cover Ever" or "Profiles in Villainy"! You have shown excellent artwork of your own on here, and I pray that shoulder injury gets healed.

In short, Thanks for creating such a fantastic, decent, and awesome place for comic book fanboys like me can enjoy!

In the words of Stan Lee,



Wow! I never figured this happening! Mark - your blog has been so much fun and a generally so well done that the suddeness of you wrapping this up has left me shocked.

And I mean that in good way. Thanks for an insightful and informational blog. One of the things I think I enjoyed most about your blog was that your humor and insight was right on and biting, but never so snarky as to sound cynical. That seems to happen too often in blogs these days, so I thanks for the fresh take.

Good luck in all your endeavors.



Say it ain't so!! But I do understand your reasons, Mark.

I sure will miss the many, MANY gut-bustin' laughs you gave me over the years -- especially those Dr. Doom Christmas Santas!!

Best wishes in all your future endeavors, my friend!

Dan Lietha


You've had quite a wonderful run with your blog. I was and am amazed at the discipline, creativity and effort that went into producing the content. This is a loss for many. Congrads on the excellence of the past 3 years.

May the Lord bless you with a new good use of the new "free-time" gained from your blog retirement and the same goes for your readers. ;-)


Thank you for the blog. I have only just begun and now it's gone... Thanks for the work and good luck!

Dave Mallon

Peace out, man! It's been a great run!


Like Pete and Erik, I consider myself pretty new here, but I've been loving every moment of it! There's so few comic book blogs that are both regularly updated and consistently of good quality. Your was one of the best. It even helped inspire me to keep maintaining my own blog when I got some burnout. So even tho I many not have commented much if at all, I just want to pop out of lurking mode to say "well done" and "thank you!"

Kent Hare absentmindedprofessor

Like a couple of others, I only just discovered this blog. I really enjoyed it, and thank you. You will be missed.

Ralph C.

Mark, thanks for creating such an entertaining blog. I made it a point to stop by here nearly every day, and I've never been disappointed. Good fortune to you and your family and to your future endeavors.



the best and funniest comics blog. i'll miss it. thanks for all the work you put into it.

Thomas L.

As a longtime reader I will miss the fun, quality and unique voice of your blog. Yet even when the cover of #42 looks pretty final, I seem to recall they made one or two FF Comics afterwards. In the same spirit I will hope your Blog might have a comeback too, but for now saying Thank You and wish you best of luck for all you have planned.

John Nowak

Your blog has been entertaining and informative, but I understand why you need to step out of it.

I never had a problem with people who announce and end and then return; the parts of you that wanted to do this are still there, and sometime your circumstances will change and you'll want to come back. No pressure, but I'm looking forward to that.

Best of luck to you!


Well, as I mentioned a couple of columns ago, it was one of the highlights of my (every 2) days. Since I'm a school teacher, and school resumes tomorrow, it's about the right time for me, too.

But, it's been great. I'm sorry I discovered it so late (2009). It wouldn't bother me if you made a comeback someday. How about once a week? You put all the elements together supremely well.

Thanks for everything. it's been a blast!


Thanks so much for giving us a great blog to reminisce about the wonderful times in comics. I won't forget this blog and selfishly I want it to return (even if it is on a limited basis).

I always wanted to get your take on the lightning Superman. Oh well. Thanks again.

Pat Curley

Sorry to hear this, Mark. It seems like the best ones give it up after awhile; first Robby Reed, then the Fortress Keeper and now you. I hope you will keep your archives available.

Great work on all your posts!


I hope our loss will be your gain. You'll be missed, my friend. Good luck with your next projects!


Thanks for making my day a little brighter with each post, Mark. Through your blog, I re-discovered my love of comics. All the best for the future!

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