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July 27, 2009



Wow, thanks for sharing the letter despite the 'syrup' factor. I understand how you feel, but I also understand how giddy finding comic book characters that somehow reflect your own romantic feelings can make you feel (my girlfriend and I are partial to Allred's Madman and Joe)

What I was wondering is if you still feel the same way about the classic Hawkman design. I understand it is slightly goofier than most superhero costumes (which is saying quite a lot, actually), but I like it. It has a pulpy, fantasy feel to it that I find quite appealing (and it doesn't hurt if it's drawn by Joe Kubert)

Mark Engblom

Yeah, I'm partial to both the Kubert AND the Murphy Anderson version of Hawkman (it's those sunken eyes on the mask that do it for me)....but let's pray this costume never sees a live-action movie of any kind. It will simply not translate to live-action...just as the folks behind the X-Men movie wisely understood about the Wolverine costume. Some costumes defy the jump to live-action...and Hawkman's is definitely one of 'em.


I've always liked the idea of that the uniform of some unearthly military or police force looks like a costume here.

This would apply to the Hawks as well as Green Lantern.

It provides a reason that the hero is wearing a strange outfit, instead of, say, the overdone leather suit or SWAT-type clothes.

Another costume idea that I like is when the hero's clothes are normal for his/her home.
Thor is an example of this. It justs looks like a costume in our world.

This is as opposed to Wonder Woman, whose homegirls always seem to wear white Greek-style togs. WW has to put on that flag swimsuit, which looks great, to go do her thing. It is definitely a costume.

Finally, I like "utilitarian" suits worn by
the FF and Challengers of the Unknown.
Those aren't costumes, those are their work clothes. (once again,thanks, Jack K.)

I like costumes, but sometimes it's fun when they aren't supposed to be costumes.

IMO, people who think superhero movies should be costume-less are giving up a part of what makes the genre so special.

Why do you think those costumes have sold millions of products for decades? They are the brand.

Wes C

That's not too syrupy Mark, just honest emotions, no shame there. Nothing wrong with a little love induced "joy to the world".

I've never been too big of a Hawkman fan, but I like his uniform, the dark green against the deep red and yellow, make an interesting combination. They do stand out.

Plus: I love the Golden Age full face bird helmet. Impractical, but very intimidating.

My wife and I tend to think of Big Barda and Mr. Miracle as our hero couple analogue.

Does that make my Mother-in-law Granny Goodness?


"....but let's pray this costume never sees a live-action movie of any kind."

I agree 100% with that. Wasn't Hawkman in those atrocious Superfriends live action comedy hours they produced in the late 70s/early 80s?

ShadowWing Tronix

If it's the same ones I've seen on YouTube, then yes, which weren't half as annoying as "Hakwman" screeching like a bird constantly, which does something nasty to your ears.

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