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July 14, 2009



sledgehammer (or, in a pinch, a regular hammer) = Mjolnir, hammer of Thor

Blimey! Your mock battles must have been a bit dangerous. I don't think that garbage can lid would've done much to stop that "weapon".

Mark Engblom

LOL! I should clarify: I don't recall any of us actually hurling the hammer at anyone else (though it's entirely possible that we did). I think we usually just posed dramatically with it and summoned lightning or tornados to dispatch our enemies.

Pat Curley

Heheh, we were a little older so we just had the "The Flash would vibrate his molecules until he was inside Thor's body and then stop and Thor would explode," arguments.


My buddy and I used to go to the community pool
and pretend we were Sub-mariner and Aquaman.
I liked Namor better because he was super strong. Aquaman just seemed to have regular stregth and my friend was bigger and stronger than me. Also, Aquaman wore too much clothing in the water.

David Morefield

My dad made a batarang for my brother and me out of plywood, with a hole in it to loop a length of twine. We had a walk-up attic and in the cooler months it became our Bat-Cave. An old TV was the "batcomputer" and there was a even a vertical pipe to use as a "bat-pole" (but only the one, so "Bruce" and "Dick" had to take turns!)

An old refrigerator box made for a great Batmobile. The only glitch was we had to go *downstairs* to exit the "cave" and fight crime, which was a bit backwards.

Those Megos really were great for sparking the imagination. After all, if Batman could pretend a pair of oven mitts were "gloves," then we could pretend too, right?

Ralph C.

Mego were the best toys I've ever owned. I had lots of them when I was a kid in the 1970s. I was lucky to have a grandmother who spoiled me. Every month she received a Social Security check and the first Saturday after that we'd head out on grocery shopping day and she would buy me a toy, or two, and many times it was a Mego super-hero. We went to the Thruway Market (at the foot of Oak Street, in Walden, N.Y.). I used to keep old shoe boxes and take things from around the house and set them up like a room, then get two Mego dolls (I called them dolls back then) and they would have a battle, knocking over everything! I loved those toys.

Back in the 1990s I went to a comic book show in Ramapo, N.Y. and found a boxed Mego Spiderman (from Mexico). I paid $40 bucks for it, got it home.... then took it out of the box & played with it! Must have been in my late-20s when I did that-- and I feel no shame in doing so!! :-)

Also, when I was a kid, my dad had a job for a few years delivering linens and such for a company called Johnson's Laundry so we would have extra sheets around the house. I would take those sheets and make masks and capes out of them. I used, instead of a trash can lid, a metal pizza pie pan with cardboard handles taped to it as a Captain America shield. It didn't hold up too well as the tape came off quick enough.

Make Mine Mego!!!

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