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June 13, 2009


Pat Curley

It's called Bleg when you do it on a blog, which sounds much better. ;)

Not in a position to contribute, in fact, I've got to start putting some ads on my site. But you are doing a terrific job, and to those who can afford it, the tip jar here is recommended.



for 2 years you've given me almost daily entertainment. A little donation is well worth the fun I've had on your site.

The great design and especially the occasional illustration is always appreciated and really does make your site stand out.

If a small donation can help you decide to keep posting, than I'd say that's a very small thing to ask.

I only wish actual comic books could give me as much enjoyment as your blog does on a regular basis.

All the best,



I tend to be disgusted by tip jars, especially in real-life situations. In your case, I think your blog deserves every penny you will receive. I wish I was able to contribute. In lieu of money, many thanks for a great comic fans site, with great features, excellent features on the artwork aspects of the genre, and an unapologetic love for what brings you joy. Kudos!

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