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June 17, 2009



Hey, I had a copy of this one!
I know what you mean. It is difficult for me not to look inside a comic to figure out what I am buying. I have to do that thing where you grab a stack and walk around the comic store pretending to be shopping, but really you're looking inside to see what the story is about.
Drawing the Marvel way must of been thrown out the door.

Z Ryan

Sometimes I worry that I'm overly modernist, and sometimes I revel in it. But sometimes I see a cover like this and I go: Wow.

Was this all the making of Eisner and Kirby?

Brian Disco Snell

"...comic book covers of decades past could still be considered "good"....but good with an asterix."

Oh, so they could be considered good with an ancient Gaulish warrior with super-strength and a great moustache??

I nitpick because I love...

Mark Engblom

Whoops! Thanks for the spell-check, Snell!

Not that I don't appreciate a good ancient Gaulish warrior with super-strength and a great mustache.

Wes C

I totally agree with the sentiment.

I miss the old style covers that actually told a story, although I don't really miss the overly wordy types that much.

The generic pose cover is frustrating to me.
How do you know what's going on inside the comic?

Covers like FF # 48 & 49 and esp one #66 (one of my all time favorites) pull you in and compel you to read the story. There's not too much text on them, but you instantly get an idea of what the story inside is about.




Chris Tolworthy

Amen and amen! A truly great cover to one of the greatest FF stories ever.

Coincidentally, over on comicboards.com/fantasticfour/ we were just discussing this very arc. It was the last time that Reed Richards was portrayed as truly Mr Fantastic, and not Mr weedy-and-unpopular. Oh how we miss the real Reed Richards.

Brian Disco Snell

I think the problem really became bad with the early Vertigo covers, on Swamp Thing and Sandman and Doom Patrol. Great looking covers...but you could never tell by looking at one whether or not you'd already read the damn story!!


Good cover; OK interior art. I admit I was kinda bummed that Pérez or [John] Buscema didn't get art chores for this climax (including #200). Pollard never cut it for me.

Wes C

Pollard seemed ok to me, not great, but passable.

To me, by this point all of the art on the FF looked the same no matter who did the pencils.

I really do like Sinnott's inking overall, but it did have a tendency to really overpower the pencils. In a way that was nice, it gave it a sense of stability, on the other hand, it also gave it a sense of blandness.

But man o' man does his inking look great in the black and white Essentials collections.


There are some good covers still being produced today. Mark Waid over on his blog analyzes one on The Spirit, getting into exactly what is so good about it here.

Just looking

Wow! I just stumbled upon your website and there is just so much great stuff here. I really enjoy your analysis of covers (the good and the bad). Can't wait to check out the rest of the site. Love the original cartoons as well. They're awesome. Keep up the good work!

Mark Engblom

Thanks! There's plenty of material for you to sift through, so have fun...and come back soon!


I liked the covers. Sad that you aren't doing it anymore. You have some of my favorites in there, but my favorite covers of all time are Peter Parker, Spider-man #37


And Power Pack 16


with Brave and Bold 28 getting honorable mention.

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