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July 01, 2009


Just looking

Great idea for the holiday! One cover I remember is the cover to Hex #11 (link below to image). I believe this is when D.C. had Johnah Hex transported into the future or some such nonsense. The cover features Hex and Batman fighting on The Statue of Liberty.



The face on the Statue Of Liberty on the cover of Doomsday +1 looks like an ancient Greek mask of Medusa more then the Statue Of Liberty...

I do agree that this was a great idea for a cover gallery though.


I have nominated your blog for the Uber Blog Award. You can see it at http://mailittoteamup.blogspot.com/search?q=uber+amazing+blog

Mark Engblom

Hey, thanks Rick! I appreciate the nomination!


Transformers #23


Al Bigley

How could ya forget THIS Neal Adams beauty?


Al Bigley

Mark Engblom

THAT'S where I saw that image of the JLA vs. the DC villains. It was driving me crazy, Al! I'd forgotten that it was on a calendar. Mystery solved!


A couple of good ones are Spectacular Spider-Man #45, Web of Spider-Man #28, Spider-Man/Human Torch #1.

Mark Engblom

Thanks, Brad! I've posted the covers in the reader gallery above! Three Spidey covers....two of which feature a Spidey-Torch confrontation. Nice!


That was a fast update!

I found a few more that might qualify as well.

Crimson #15, Catwoman #68, Power & Glory #1B, Ultimate Spider-Man #20, Hellblazer #72, Adventures on the Planet of the Apes #6, Spectacular Spider-Man #140

Hope this helps!


OK, just a few that more that came to me that I should relate (and then I'll think I'll be done racking my brain).

Mandrake the Magician #6, Jackie Gleason and the Hooneymooners #8, Master Comics #24 & #107, Sad Sack USA #1, Brave and the Bold #38, Teen-Age Love #73, Defenders #64, and also a little-bitty statue on Action Comics #433.

Chad Carter

Don't forget http://www.comics.org/coverview.lasso?id=16480&zoom=4, Suicide Squad (Task Force X) by Ross Andru!

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