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June 07, 2009



The book looks great, Mark!

I really love Gene Simmons's very pro-America attitude in a time when it feels like so many people are more comfortable expressing shame in this country.

Wes C

Very nice work!

I really like the "Big gun" one ( I hope that's in a chapter on the 90's) and the Mickey Mouse styled one, the expressions
on their faces are perfect.

I'll be keeping my eye out for it in the local bookstores.

Tell Stan the Man I said hi.


I happened to come across this book about a week ago and bought it immediately. Great work throughout--kudos to all involved. And I really loved your tribute to Stan and Jack at the start of the Creators chapter.

Mark Engblom

Hey, thanks, Shar! Glad to hear you enjoyed the book. Although the illustration was requested by Scott and Chris, I certainly share their awe of Stan and Jack.

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