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June 27, 2009



I liked the Thing's changes as early FF progressed,e.g., getting a brow ridge, but later (80's?)they started giving him dinosaur fins and stuff..echhh! Glad they were temporary.

Jimmy Olsen's weird transformations, discussed in these forums before, were, of course, part of his title's gestalt.

Superman/boy's red kryptonite changes were actually kinda cool, sometimes.

One change I never will like is this: when Spider-man started out, Peter Parker was a skinny, kinda short, nerd. This was a significant aspect of the character and a major point of the stories. By the seventies, he was a tall handsome guy dating supermodels.

What did we need that for? We already had Bruce Wayne.


Oh yeah--The Thing was a chick for a while...euuwww!

Pat Curley

That's a double-Schiff story as it combines two of the essential Schiff elements: weird transformations and aliens. All it lacks is a monster with strange powers (although I guess you could say it's got that too).

Zubz, I'm sympathetic, but Parker's tranformation was mostly gradual and understandable. Having defeated these amazing villains, Peter began to develop more confidence in himself. Indeed, Betty Brant remarks on the change in him sometime around ASM #26. Indeed, this kind of change in confidence is quite normal for a young man.

Chris Mullen

I'm surprised Grant Morrison hasn't dug up this story recently. I mean, he dug up "That one time Batman got superpowers on Planet X and there was this alien Batman in a purple batsuit called Zur-en-Arrh," didn't he? And Silver Age Batwoman showed up in a flashback, too. Wasn't she exiled from continuity in the 80's?


Oh yeah--The Thing was a chick for a while...euuwww!

Actually, a chick was the Thing for a while, which is a bit of a different story....

Now, Alpha Flight's Sasquatch was indeed a chick for a while, a development I wish they'd developed more before undoing it.


While some change is for the best. Yes we can...all agree that this change for Batman was not.

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