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May 25, 2009


Pat Curley

If they ever reprint them, I recommend reading DC's war comics of the 1950s. They're really very well done, with interesting characters and plots. One thing that DC did very well is that they tried to cover all the various occupations involved in the war.

Since you mentioned letters, one story I particularly loved was about a mail clerk in the army who never gets any mail himself. On of the soldiers in his regiment is anxiously awaiting a letter from his wife, who is expecting any day now. When the letter arrives the clerk braves his way to the front lines so that the guy will know his wife had a baby boy. And the mail clerk is surprised when a few weeks later he is deluged with mail from the sisters of the men in his regiment who were impressed with his courage and dedication.

I will admit having to get a hankie at the end of that story.


I didn't read DC's war comics as a kid, but I did read Sgt. Fury 'cause it was Marvel. The Howlers were not portrayed as buffoons or whatever, but as soldiers with a job to do, and who had lives besides that (like Fury's doomed lady friend).
One story was about a bigot who joined the team and ended up getting a blood transfusion from Gabe.
Stan and Jack played up the irony of a bigoted American fighting another country whose whole way of life was based on racial hatred.
Then the man's life was saved by the blood of a black man.

I was 11. There were some pretty serious things going on in that war comic, which also had great battle scenes.


I'm always amused that german troops in comics, computer games and movies are swastika obsessed. They are everywhere, flags, armbands, everyhing! But if you look at old pictures of that period you see hardly any swastikas at all.

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