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May 04, 2009



I think that the original art for that Wolverine panel and the next issue just recently perished in a fire in--not sure--Archie Goodwin's house?

A shame in any case.

Mark Engblom

The art was lost when Wolverine creator Len Wein's house burned down. There is an effort underway to replace Wein's collection of the comic books he worked on. Click here for all the details.


Good job Mark. I just love a post that pokes fun at a comics media giant that I just can't bring myself to like.

Pat Curley

Ah, that issue came out when I was in college. Right around then, I wrote a term paper on Windigo Psychosis (basically cabin fever combined with cannibalism). I've often wished that I'd gone by the comic store around then and noticed that "Wendigo" character.

Al Bigley

Kinda always dug that original yellow costume..To me, the brown one is the "new" one, coming out when I was in 10th grade, and an oh-so-seasoned old comics fan by then...:)

Al Bigley

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