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May 18, 2009


Ramon Villalobos

Woah, I've never seen that panel with all the Hawkman head dresses! That's freaking awesome.

John Nowak

I've got to admit I've always liked the mask Hawkgirl wears in the the main universe. I'm not sure what sort of hawk it's supposed to be, but it's pretty snazzy.

Paul McCall

It always bothered me when the Hawk mask was drawn in a way that would not accommodate human features and allow them to look out of the masks eye holes. All the ones with the lower beak and bird tongue wouldn't allow a human nose to be under there!


When I first saw that unfeathered yellow mask in a then current issue of the Justice League back in the 1970's, I long thought that it was a retcon made to visually distinguish to the JSA Hawkman from the JLA version.

It wasn't until years later that I saw a reprint of a golden-age story where he actually wore that mask. I always thought it was rather dull.

Mark Engblom

It's also somewhat interesting that Thomas designated that mask as the one Carter Hall said would mean he's "ready to retire". If you look at the progression of the mask display, it basically moves from very hawk-like all the way down to a standard mask for a human face...which you can read in between the lines and imply he's gradually losing his connection the Hawk god mentioned in his origin story. So, by the time he's sporting the "rather dull" mask, it really IS time for him to retire since he no longer experiences that close connection to his "hawk heritage", as he did when he appeared to have the full head of a hawk.


Katar Hol actually had a fairly bad start too, with the Hawk helmet sans "honor wings" for the first few stories.

Shayera looked great from the very beginning, though!

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