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May 02, 2009



But what I'm dying to know is, Is Gary Mitchell in it?

Oops. Wrong prequel.

Paul McCall

How very odd! I was thinking the same thing last week (the Gary Mitchell comment). I had just bought the digitally augmented ST:TOS 3 series DVD and watched the first few (just to see if they worked) and found myself looking at IMDB to see if the Mitchell character was listed as being in the JJ Abrams reboot/retool, whatever it is. He's not.

Regarding the Wolverine movie - I agree completely. My only question - how did his hair go from fabulous in EVERY shot in this film to the odd approximation of the whacko comic book hair of the X-Men films?


He has another mutant ability we didn't know about: super hair styling.

Wes C

I haven't seen it. I'm probably waiting for the dollar theater or DVD.

My wife had a girls night out and saw it with several of the wives from our "geek group". She enjoyed it a great deal.

Her review seems to go along with yours (well,admittedly, hers had a lot more gushing about Jackman's bod). A fun semi-mindless action flick with superheros.

I admit, it felt weird to have my wife go see a superhero movie and me stay home.

Based on these 2 reviews, I may have to go see it sooner than I thought.

BTW: I was disappointed to hear that Gambit didn't come off like a total dweeb, oh well...

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