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April 13, 2009


David Morefield

Holy Hannah, that is one hideous image! Good call on the Busey connection, but actually this Wolvie is worse. At least Gary actually has lips in the event he ever wants to close his mouth; Logan appears to have lost his. In fact, when I first saw his lipless mug, I thought this was one of those lame "zombie" covers.

Easily as bad as the face, though, is that bad case of "arm wattle". Logan's left arm looks like it belongs on a 300-pound nursing home resident.

Mark Engblom

LOL! Definitely a lousy job on the arm there, David. Also, some pretty bad work on the legs. Very stubby and confusingly drawn....and what about those three foot-long claws?


I assume he was a Klingon reject from some Star Trek film, given that weird ridge going up his forehead ...

Al Bigley

It looks nice and puffy...!


Bruce Lombard

Hilarious! It does look like Busey!

Wes C

Wow... that's just crazy.

Don't know what to add.

The interior art does look much better.

2 Worst Cover ever features in less than a week? You spoil us Mark.

Chris Mullen

Is that abomination of nature on the cover supposed to be Wolverine? Most of your other "Worst cover ever" features have made me laugh. This one makes me want to throw up. What was Marvel thinking?

ShadowWing Tronix

That is not the worst Wolverine ever to grace a cover. Try looking up New Avengers/Transformers crossover covers, and gaze at Fat Wolverine!


Just looked at the Avengers/Transformers cover - whew that one's not much better.

I did find it kinda charming (I'm sick, I know) he's so short and squat, he kinda looks closer to the shape of a real wolverine.

The Wolverine Revolver one just looks so...weird, the odd looking arm, the extra long claws, and that "Moebius in high cartoon mode" face. It's just very strange, given the skill level that this guy has shown.


OMG ... can't stop laughing ...!!!

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