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April 17, 2009


Wes C

You just had to go and do it didn't you! ;)

Well at least the bad Doctor made it in at #2.

I must admit I was surprised at the number of Marvel villains in the top 5.

I guess my top ten would be something like

#1 Dr. Doom
#2 Darkseid
#3 M.O.D.O.K
#4 A.I.M - I just love those goofy guys
#5 The Red Skull
#6 The Joker
#7 Ronan the Accuser
#8 Galactus
#9 Hydra/Cobra/Kobra - I love those faceless armies with serpent themes
#10 Lex Luthor - I actually prefer him in his political/ business leader role, as opposed to the purple and green jump suit wearing mad scientist. But, I'm not near the Superman fan you are.

I'm sure I forgot somebody

Only the top 3 are hard and fast, the others would change order or fall off the list depending on how I feel at the moment.

Thanks Mark, that was fun!

Mark Engblom

Yeah, I have to admit being a little surprised myself at how many Marvel villains made the top five. Maybe it's because so many of DC's villains, while memorable, were much more "gimmicky" and one-note. Recently that's been changing (thanks to writers like Geoff Johns who are really digging in deep and expanding many of them)...and I could see guys like Captain Cold or Sinestro finding their way onto the Top Ten list at some point.

You have some interesting choices too, Wes. Red Skull is definitely up there for me as well, and MODOK is certainly one of the most visually entertaining characters EVER. I like the inclusion of "faceless armies" on your list. They're obviously not an individual villain, but in a way, they do come off as a unified "entity" of sorts.

As for Lex, I'm not particularly fond of him in any incarnation. Well, at least not enough to stick him in a top ten list. I actually wouldn't mind a several year moratorium on Luthor appearances, since I think the character's worn out his welcome with so much face time the past 20 to 25 years.


Your perspective on Galactus is particularly refreshing. The FF had battled extraterrestrial menaces since their debut (perhaps recycled from Atlas Comics then-recent monster books), but you are correct that Galactus embodied something new. Such cosmic themes appear to have been in the zeitgeist, with Kubrick & Clarke's 2001 showing up two year later.


I think Doc Doom is probably the best villain, but why does he have a goal post in his mouth?
or is that some funky kind of retainer?

Kandou Erik

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Pat Curley

How did I forget about Galactus and Magneto? The top five really were pretty much what I expected and if I'd remembered those two i would definitely have gotten all of them right.

I don't know much about the current incarnation of Lex Luthor, but I did think the 1960s Weisinger version was interesting. DC had a kind of "hidden" continuing story involving Luthor from 1963-1966 or so, which did a great deal to humanize him.


Believe or not, that expression on Doctor Doom's face was lifted by Rich Buckler out of of the unmasking scene in the silent movie, the Phantom of the Opera.

If you click on my name below, you see an image of Lon Chaney with the same expression.

Mark Engblom

Yeah, I had commented on that in this post a few years back.


Not only Doom but Darkseid is also said to be the inspiration to the Darth Vader character. As a Kirby fan, I hold on this.

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