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April 16, 2009


Wes C

All worthy villains, but not any that would make my top ten (ok, Kingpin maybe). I know you aren't fond of the Fourth world stuff. But I'd take the original over Thanos any day.

But, like you said, it is YOUR list so obviously, that's cool.

I think there will be rioting in the street though if Dr. Doom, Red Skull and M.O.D.O.K don't make it into the top 5

Am I showing a Marvel bias?

Mark Engblom

"I think there will be rioting in the street though if Dr. Doom, Red Skull and M.O.D.O.K don't make it into the top 5"

Well, better get the riot gear ready, then. Actually, one of the above does appear in the top five...so maybe all we'll need is pepper spray and a nightstick.

As for Darkseid vs. Thanos, I think this is a case where the knock-off surpasses the original. See, Thanos actually did stuff rather than just stand around with his hands behind his back and glower. With few exceptions, that's been Darkseid's standard mode for the past three-plus decades...a stuck-in-neutral mode that a "mover and shaker" like Thanos has avoided for the most part.

Chris Tolworthy

Off topic, have you checked your official blog rating recently? (I didn't actually think they'd change it! Now I feel guilty. We readers used to cut you some slack, now we all expect nothing less than perfection. So no pressure or anything.)

Even more off topic, since yesterday's post comments are closed: the question was asked, why would the monarch of Latveria pay US taxes? He doesn't. I think the story indicates that Victor DESIGNED the US tax system. No doubt as a way of weakening his enemies. On that cover he's expressing satisfaction at having created a form that even the greatest genius on Earth would be unable to complete correctly. Bwahahahahahaha!

Wes C

Oh there will be rioting on my street at least.

I guess I can live with 1 out of 3.

As much as I love M.O.D.O.K, I assume Dr. Doom will be the one.

Personally I think he's the single greatest villain in comics, but it's your list.
I just hope he makes it to the top 3.

I just hope the Joker's not #1 - I think he's rather overrated.

Gotta run now and barricade my doors and windows before all the enraged Bat-Fans show up with the pitch-forks and torches

Pat Curley

Love the picks so far. My favorite Flash stories are probably the two issues where the Reverse Flash tries to corrupt Al Desmond (the reformed Mr Element/Dr Alchemy), while the Flash tries to help him stay honest. The battle of good versus evil is also quite evident in Two-Face.

As for the top five, the Joker, Green Goblin and Dr Doom are obvious, but the other two I'd have to go with guesses. Judging by the discussion of Bizarro, I'm guessing there are no further Superman villains. Catwoman? That would be three Batman villains in the top six, so I'm going to say not. Maybe a dark horse like Sinestro? Dormammu? Grodd?

Ivan Wolfe

Y'know, I always though Reverse-Flash had the better costume. The yellow appeals to me more than the red. But that's just me.


The original Brainiac, the strange visitor who stole cities, was a great villain. He was scary, a really alien guy who didn't give a damn about any planet or hero or anything.

They changed him, I'm not sure what he is now.

Loki, again as originally presented, was pretty cool, too, mythical and mystical. Remember, the Avengers arrived only because
of him.

Another neat, weird bad guy was Dormammu, with his head permanently shrouded in smoke, living in an always-psychedelic dimension.

Yet another weird alien was Despero, like when he played chess with the JLA.

Now that I think of it, I like non-human bad guys, altough I did like the early-but-later-overdone Green Goblin.

Guess it's easy to tell I've been reading comics for a while.


Oh yeah, Grodd!

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