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April 09, 2009


Pat Curley

Heheh, I love it, a double slice of '60s nostalgia. Lava lamps were one of those really cool items that I always wanted and never had. Great rendering!


Dude. I would buy one of those lamps immediately. Shoot, I'd buy 2 or three and give the extras to buddies as gifts.


I'm with ya Mark...

That made my morning! HILARIOUS!!


*Bursting into applause* -- OMG, I would definitely buy that! Wow. I'd put it on my office desk for a GUARANTEED smile every morning. Genius!


"The Deathless Doom," the Showcase ish that introduced Chemo, was the first comic book I was ever allowed to buy, thus introducing me immediately to superheroes, robots, science fiction, MONSTERS AND DEATH. It scared the bejabbers outta me, natch.

So I'm ok with the "modern" Chemo, but I don't like that grin. Yeah, the Chemo Lava Lite is a whimsical thing, sure, but Chemo isn't whimsical, and I want him to look a bit more like himself. After all, he'd be competing with Cthulhu, Giger's alien, and Marvin the Martian if he was on MY shelf.

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