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April 10, 2009


Pat Curley

Hoppy Easter to you and yours, Mark!


Thanks for the fun post. I just stumbled upon this blog the other day and like your fun approach to comics.

I'd like to add this site to my blogroll at the Defenders Fansite: www.defendersfan.blogspot.com


Don't forget Dumb Bunny of the Inferior Five.

Chris Tolworthy

Off topic, but I just clicked on the '8.5 blog rating' button. That is just perverse! I understand numbers based on user reviews, so didn't think anything of it. But it claims the 8.5 is based on a "professional editor" review. I was impressed that they appear to use objective measures: it claims to be "based on the following criteria: Frequency of Updates, Relevance of Content, Site Design, and Writing Style." Now, opinion is one thing, and it's OK to hate a blog, but strictly based on their criteria how does this blog not score 10? Let's look at their criteria: Updates are every day (except for brief major holidays). Design is clear and attractive - hardly surprising as it's a comic blog by a professional artist. As for Relevance of Content: It's a blog about comics. Every day is about comics, for goodness sake. It's comics all the time. I would love to see how this could be any more relevant. Next we have Site Design. I have seldom seen an easier to use site. My only gripe is that the search box is a little lower than I expected, but it's not the kind of blog you search and everything is categorized, so how many points should be lost for that? Finally we have 'Writing Style.' This is the one area where personal opinion may come in. Personally I find you witty and informed, pithy and charming. But of course an opinion is just an opinion. Tell me, did you run over the editor's dog or something? Did you replace her in your last job? She must really hate you for that one area to drag down the entire average.

More likely of course the editor never read you blog and gives every blog "8.5." I've read a lot of blogs, and for its stated purpose, this one is the best there is. Certainly better than CBR or Brevoort's blog (which I read avidly and rate highly - probably around 8.5). Dial B for Blog was your only real competitor, but it came out less frequently, took longer to load, and is now dead. I'd love to know what other comic blogs this editor reads.

Well sorry for the rant. 8.5? In the immortal words of XKCD, "something on the Internet is wrong!"


Happy Easter Mark

Mark Engblom

Thanks, everyone! Oh, and Chris...I sure appreciate your kind words. In fairness to the anonymous editor, my blog doesn't update daily (as much as I'd like it to), and...in all honesty, the 8.5 makes me keep trying harder....so I thought it was pretty fair. Thanks for your "10" rating submission...I truly appreciate it!

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