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April 04, 2009


Pat Curley

Yeah, seems like he left the most important information out of the article. He says that the copy still exists, but doesn't tell us who owns it or what it last sold for.


Perhaps the owner didn't want to be identified.

That's quite common with hugely valuable objects like this.

Mark Engblom

I wasn't necessarily looking for a name...it just would have been nice to know if it was still filed as a federal exhibit or if it had passed into the private market. What a fascinating piece of history...and a pity the story wasn't completely told. I'll be sure to pass along any new details if I hear back from the Scoop.


I believe it's the copy kept in Geppi's Entertainment Museum here in Baltimore. It was kept in files with court papers for many years; hence its good condition.

I just looked through my photos and have confirmed it; I took this back in September 2007 there. Note that the copy of Action #2 next to it also has the same markings: http://i125.photobucket.com/albums/p45/peteross/covers/GeppisAction1and2.jpg

Mark Engblom

Wow...thanks, Allen! Great to know it's somewhere people can see it and not tucked away in some government office file cabinet.

I can always count on my readers to come through with the info!


This is interesting. How long must evidence be maintained as such and then how does something valuable like this move to the market?

Can any court clerk go to a file after the expiration of its necessity as evidence and remove things?

What else is there in court files? Movie stuff? Disney? Music things? Remember George Harrison getting sued for "My Sweet Lord?"

What about the evidence from the Captain Marvel vs. Superman lawsuit?


This issue is interestingly discussed in the novel "The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay" by Michael Chabon. In which a publisher demands two creaters to "give [him] a Superman!".

A cool book, worth reading for any classic comic fan.

Wonderful blog, btw. One of my favorites!

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