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March 28, 2009



Thing Ring, do your thing! (Hanna-Barbera Thing [not FF team] cartoons)
Wonder-Twin powers, activate! (Superfriends)
Freak out! (Freakazoid)

Mark Engblom

"Freak out" looks like a winner, but after reading up on the other two, it looks like those phrases weren't integral for the transformations...and more like "battle cries" or slogans they said while the transformations were occurring.


"Magic words of poof, poof, piffles, make me just as small as Sniffles!"

That's how little girl Mary Jane became as small as Sniffles the Mouse in the back pages of Dell's old Looney Tunes comics.

"Kaji Dha!" turned Dan Garrett into Blue Beetle in the Charlton comics.

Then there's Dial H for Hero, but that "magic" word was dialed, not spoken. Still, dialing variants like "HORROR" instead of "HERO" did pretty awful things.


Captain Thunder, a Captain Marvel clone who met Superman in 1974 as a test run for the real deal, changed from little Willie Fawcett by saying "THUNDER!"

Oh! And then there's MF Enterprises' short-lived Captain Marvel of the 1960s, an android who could send his limbs and head flying in all directions by yelling "SPLIT!"

Mr Element-Dr Alchemy

Alan Scott - The Golden age Green Lanterns' cerimonial recharging verse!!! or how about any Zatara or Zantana stuff - Don't forget "eternity" (kid eternity) or the 70's Wonder Twins. Last, but not least put on your ''H'' Ring and become the Mighty Hercules (or pull your belt & get down with your Sinbad self).

Mr Element-Dr Alchemy

oops, I see kid eterniy is already listed by you ...sorry -- My trump card is tho --
Don Blake stricking The hammer on the ground By ZEUS -/-/-/-/ to be come the MIGHTY THOR-/-/- I'm such an Asgard

Pat Curley

Hmmm, you didn't specify "spoken" although most of them have that quality. How about "H-E-R-O" as dialed by Robby Reed (or "H-E-R-O-I-N-E" as dialed by his girlfriend Suzy).

Mark Engblom

Yeah, I'm sticking only to spoken words or phrases and not objects like the hero dials or Don Blake's cane. As I said earlier, the words themselves activate the change and aren't simply catch phrases separate from another object making the change (like the Green Lantern recharging ceremony or the "Thing Ring" phrase).

Zatanna and Zatarra are a little more tricky. Clearly their (backwards-spoken) words can magically alter reality, but there is no one phrase that unleashes their magic...so I did not include them on the list.

I'll definitely be adding the Dan Garrett Blue Beetle and Captain Thunder (who I can't *believe* I forgot)!

Uncle Buckeye

How about VOLTHOOM!?

A powerful word with enough magic to defeat Justice Leaguers.

And it makes a great password.

ShadowWing Tronix

You could do a whole list on the Power Rangers alone. Each team had their own call out (and even some alt Rangers in the same series) that would activate their particular Morpher.

And thanks for the Samurai translations. I always wondered what the last two phrases actually were and what all three meant.

Mark Engblom

"You could do a whole list on the Power Rangers alone. "

No, thank you! LOL!


What about Shazzan, the Saturday morning cartoon genie? The kids had to put their magic rings together and say his name to summon him.


Minor correction: it's spelled "Khaji Da," not "Kaji Dha."


Well, sorta, Suedenim. It's spelled that way NOW, but it wasn't then.

In the Charlton comics it was "Kaji Dha," but it was brought back for Jaime in the recent Blue Beetle series, they decided to spell it "Khaji Da" instead.


Mary Marvel originally derived her powers from a different set of gods (actually, goddesses) than her brother. I can't remember what they were, of course, but according to wikipedia, they were:

Selena for grace, Hippolyta for strength, Ariadne for skill, Zephyrus for fleetness (and flight), Aurora for beauty, and Minerva for wisdom.

Never knew beauty was a superpower! Even as a kid, that always struck me as a cop-out.


How about the Green Lama? As the Green Lama, Jethro Dumont got his powers by reciting the Jewel Lotus Mantra: “Om Mani Padme Hum.”

-- Sea

ShadowWing Tronix

Oh, beauty can be a super power. It just only works on a select group. (Mostly males.:) )


What about the catch phrases from transformers: beast wars...

To transform between their beast form to their robot form you need to utter these code words... "beast mode" "(state your name) maximize" for maximals and "( state your name) terrorize" if you're a predacon... If you didn't get the state your name parts for example Optimus primal has to say "Optimus primal MAXIMIZE" to change from his beast form to his robot form and he has to say "beast mode" if he wants to turn back into a gorilla

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