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March 04, 2009


Jim Hall

Volstagg totally rocks. Never shall the Lion of Asgard falter!



It would've run an arm and a leg, but I so wish there was a Volstagg action figure. That is, if mere plastic can capture the valor, the glory, of the bravest of Asgardians!


I think it's outrageous that they've made things like a mini-bust of *Man-Ape* (http://www.sideshowtoy.com/?page_id=4489&sku=900225), but there exist *no* plastic or sculptural representations of the Lion of Asgard (or even his faithful but unavoidably lesser sidekicks?)


Whoa... check out these custom Warriors Three action figures, though!


Pat Curley

How can you go wrong with a comic character who was invented by Shakespeare himself?

I did always feel a bit sorry for that tiny horse they always had him riding, though.

John Nowak

Anyone who can yell "A jackal hath felled the lion of Asgard!" while falling unconscious hath verily earned the title. Aye.

Dang, now I'm doing it.


If Volstagg is Falstaff, that means Thor is Prince Hal. Which has some very interesting implications for Mark Waid's analysis of the character:


Pat Curley

Waid's a bright guy, I can't imagine how he could not see the whole Thor plotline was about his relationship with his dad, especially as Thor was about the only character in comics who actually had a father.

Mark Engblom

I read that Waid piece, and I have to say: I've had it with the "I don't 'get' Thor" whiners. Sure, there are characters you simply like more than others (or not at all), but Waid's under the impression that you need to unlock some sort of Rosetta Stone-coded theme to every character before you can enjoy them. I've never seen Thor from the viewpoint of Waid's "Dad vs. Lad" formula...but rather from the standpoint of it representing old world high adventure through a modern lens. In other words, I like Thor comics because they're fun.

I wonder if Waid ever applied his "thinkin' man's" deep analysis to some his own well-documented infatuations like Robbie Reed's "Dial H for Hero" and other simple Silver Age pleasures? He might want to ponder that before he starts whacking the Thor pinata with the Freud stick (which actually IS a stick).

Clement Ross

Old Kirby issue of Thor, can't recall the number contained this exchange:
Volstagg: "My sword has been bloodied in many a battle defending Asgard's honor."
Thor: "Tis true, good Volstagg. But thou hast eaten well since then."

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