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March 20, 2009


Pat Curley

The Black Racer isn't black (at least not in the costume--maybe he is underneath) and the other thing that never made sense was the ski poles; what exactly was he planting those into?

And what happened to Amazo's right leg?


Mark! You left out the Spidermobile! (Now you're going to have to re-do the whole post.)

Brian Disco Snell

What, no Spider-Mobile??


Yeah, I always assumed the Supermobile was put into the comic just because the toy was coming out.

It came out alongside a Batmobile toy, and it just seemed like something where they wanted a parallel vehicle for Superman too -- and if there was no reason for him to have one, doggone it they were gonna come up with something anyway.

Also, I totally had that toy.


The Supermobile also has a cameo in this month's Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the Eighth Grade (#4).

Dan Lietha

I was hoping the Supermobile was going to be number one on this list. I don't have a huge comic book collection, but I do own that issue!

Mark Engblom

I *love* the Spider-Mobile...not only for it's funky dune buggy design, but also because Spider-Man himself was in on the joke. HE felt ridiculous driving it around, as if he completely understood the absurdity of having a customized vehicle. The entire Spider-Mobile storyline seemed to be a satire of the whole advertising/toy tie-in/promotional gimmick sensibility, so this particular vehicle stays in the "plus" column for me.

Again....your mileage may vary.

Wes C

Good (or bad) list overall.

I agree that the Black Racer is certainly one of Kirby's goofiest character designs. Not exactly threatening...

The Mountain of Judgment on the other hand is awesome! It's one of my favorite things to come out of the Jimmy Olsen portion of the 4th World.

Even as a kid I thought the Supermobile was a stupid idea. Glad to see I topping the list.


Totally had the Supermobile as a kid. Even weirder was the Superman van that Corgi put out. It was just a standard Chevy van with a pic of Superman flying over his name on the side.


Always had to wonder why he'd want a van, let alone one with a picture of himself on the side. Maybe in case friends were moving? It'd function like a big box on wheels for him to carry.

Mark Engblom

Chicks dig the van.


Yes, you're right about the Spider-Mobile. Well put.

Pat Curley

Yeah, if they'd done the Spidermobile as anything other than for grins I'd include it, but it was clearly a "Marvel doesn't do this crap" storyline.


Yeah, if they'd done the Spidermobile as anything other than for grins I'd include it, but it was clearly a "Marvel doesn't do this crap" storyline.

I actually always thought it was a "Marvel does do this crap, dammit" storyline.

I think I read this somewhere as fact - that Marvel corporate made a deal to introduce a Spider-Mobile toy (possibly the Mego one for its 8" line, or perhaps the Corgi one) with a requirement that the Spider-Mobile appear in the actual comics.

Not having been consulted, the Marvel Comics writers and/or editors comply with this edict from Corporate... but in a way that points out what a stupid idea it is."

ShadowWing Tronix

The Supermobile also showed up on an episode of Super Friends, and has shown up in a couple other DC toylines. I actually like it (thus proving I don't go along with the group), even though the odds of Superman ever needing it--especially during his quasi-god years--are kind of low.


I was going to add to the Supermobile cameo list by mentioning that you can spot it in the Elseworld's story, Superman: Red Son.

I can't remember where it was in the story (mid-end half?) where the Soviet Superman's trophies are shown in a museum. One of it's many displays is clearly a Supermobile.

Little obscure, I know.

Mark Engblom

Ahhh, but NEVER too obscure for Comic Coverage! Thanks, Servo!

Cedric Hohnstadt

Do you remember the Super Powers action figures from the eighties? I had a toy Supermobile! I'd completely forgotten about it until just now. Yeah, I guess it is pretty lame. But at the time I thought it was cool.

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