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March 19, 2009



I dunno why you gotta go hatin' on the Invisible Plane.

I'm really curious about the final five now. It's hard to beat the Supermobile for sheer silliness, unless you take into account the Thanoscopter.


Ah, the Doom-Copter. Reminds me of the second FF film -- me and my [comics-lovin'] buddy burst out laughing at that cheesy helicopter Doom arrived in to meet the Silver Surfer ... the generic triangle with "VON DOOM" written in the middle ...!

Mark Engblom

"I dunno why you gotta go hatin' on the Invisible Plane."

Like I said, it just doesn't connect with Wonder Woman's Greek mythology background at all. I understand the Amazons were technologically advanced, but it was a big disconnect for a society so at odds with "Patriarch's World" to adopt the design of their technology for their ambassador's transport.

That, and it's an invisible airplane.


Ah, I also love the invisible plane, though I agree it doesn't make sense (but still, these are comic books - making sense is a secondary concern).

I reckon WW still flies using her invisible plane - it's just that you can't see it. ;-)

Mark Engblom

Hey, buttler...thanks for the link to the Thanoscopter! It's definitely a stinker, but I guess the old Spidey Super Stories title (for early readers) is exempt from my cynical gaze.

ShadowWing Tronix

I noticed you included a scene from one of the Wonder Woman live-action stories. Proof positive that the Invisible Jet as designed pre-Crisis doesn't work. At least the introduction post-Crisis made sense. Until the "Wonderdome" conversion.

The Jokermobile was used in Brave and the Bold, and it just looked bad. I think the Filmation series had their own design, and as I recall it was pretty cool. (It's been a while, though.)


Is the Jokermobile supposed to look like it's going in reverse? Those look like tail lights in the picture - or is that just wacky-yet-accurate '50s automotive design?

(Or is he *actually* driving in reverse there? The odd "driving compartment" looks like it could have separate fore-and-aft driving stations if desired....)

Mark Engblom

I suppose with the Joker (and his wacky off-screen designer/builder), anything is possible. In this particular scene, he *was* driving forward. He also had Lex Luthor sitting in the passenger seat, who I removed for clarity's sake (the Jokermobile was taken from an issue of World's Finest).


I know it doesn't make sense. I don't care. I love the invisible plane.

I think she should also have an invisible whirly-bat. Well, I guess you'd have to call it something else. Wonderwhirl, maybe.

Michael Doty

I admit the Invisible Plane is pretty silly, but it was used to decent effect in Matt Wagner's Trinity miniseries and DC: The New Frontier.

Plus, it inspired the great "Glass Plane" gag from MAD's classic "Woman Wonder" spoof.

Mark Engblom

"I know it doesn't make sense. I don't care. I love the invisible plane."

LOL! That's the beauty of comic book fandom. One man's travesty is another man's treasure.


Oh yeah, the Thanoscopter totally doesn't count, but it's still pretty hilarious. I also love that at the end of that story, Thanos is taken downtown in cuffs by the NYPD. Case closed!

I just remembered that Green Arrow could potentially close out this category all on his own with his various old copybat vehicles like the Arrowcar and Arrowplane -- and who could forget Captain Boomerang's Space-Boomerang? This is what I love about comics -- they're a freaking gold mine for this kind of stuff.

Mark Engblom

I had considered the Arrow Car, but decided against it because it was such a bland-looking thing compared to the ten I chose, so I passed it by.

Speaking of that era's Green Arrow, did anyone catch the Green Arrow episode of the Brave and the Bold cartoon where they showed Batman taking verbal jabs at GA for copying his stuff? Very funny....mainly because it's an exchange you never would have seen happen in the old comics (though I'm sure many comic creators were thinking it).

Pat Curley

I got a nervous feeling that the Whirly-Bats are going to make an appearance here in the second part. BTW, small error in the text; the first Flying Batcave story was Tec #186. I don't know if you have the innards to that second appearance, but in it Batman reveals the Bat-Racer, a miniature Batmobile that would certainly qualify for this list.


One of the best moments in Kevin Smith's resurrection run on Green Arrow was when Batman called Ollie out about his old Arrowcave, Arrowplane, Arrow Signal and all that, asking him if he'd ever had an original idea in his life.

The Arrow Signal showed up in the latest issue of Green Arrow/Black Canary. I could hardly believe it.

Mark Engblom


Thanks for the correction. I've corrected the post.

Oh, and the Whirly-Bats are safe. I've always been fond of those goofy things (which underlines just how subjective all of this stuff is).

The "Bat Racer", eh? I'd love to see it (and maybe add it to my Bat-Garage post).


Hah! I'd forgotten about that exchange.

Was there REALLY an Arrow Signal? REALLY?


Ohhh yeah there was. The Arrow Signal first appeared in World's Finest #28 (1947) and last appeared in Green Arrow/Black Canary #18 (this month) -- with a long gap in between, admittedly. It was one of the things that went out when Ollie started getting his own personality, and the goatee.


Oh whoops, I may as well link to it, huh? Witness the thunderous return of the Arrow Signal: http://www.comicbookresources.com/?page=preview&id=2199&disp=table

Pat Curley

Google The Flying Batcave, Mark, and Scott Saavedra's page should come up with a look at the Bat-Racer. It looks like one of those kiddie cars.

Al Bigley

Ya know-the Invisible Plane is really a TRANSPARENT plane!

Or, is it really supposed to be invisible?

Then, passers-by would look up to see a flying Wonder Woman, in an odd seated position, blasting thru the skies!

Very odd!

Al Bigley

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