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March 30, 2009


Morgan Edge

I still have my copies of all these books. They were absolutely gold to the young fan. I particularly loved the Dr. Strange book. It was this and then the little paperbacks that were all that we had in the pre-Essentials era.

Ralph C.

That Spider-Man cover is great. It would make an excellent t-shirt.


You'll notice the odd positioning of the words "the Incredible" on that Hulk cover. As it happens, there were a few additional words in the title that were left out at the last minute, leaving behind that empty space.

If you've got a Marvel comic cover dated October 1978, you'll find an ad on page 12 from a company called Superhero Merchandise.

In that ad, you'll see an image of the Hulk cover, but with it's original full title - "The Coming of the Incredible Hulk".

What's also interesting about that ad is they also have a drawing of the cover of the Lee/Kirby Silver Surfer graphic novel. A drawing done by Jack Kirby. The cover ultimately was painted by Earl Norem, who must have based it on the Kirby drawing used for this ad.

As it happens, I ordered these two books from that ad. I was quite surprised to see how those covers ultimately looked like when those books arrived.



I was really disappointed by that Norem Silver Surfer cover, because the original Kirby drawing, though tiny in that ad, looked so much better.

To this day, that blank space in the Hulk cover bugs me when I look at it, because I knew something was supposed to be there.

Al Bigley

Always loved that Larkin HULK cover. Don't know why it hasn't been made into shirts, posters, etc....I think it's one of his best!

A new Sal Q book on the art of Larkin, is now out.

I snapped up all of these in the day, along with the Pocket Book reprints (I really thought I could have ALL Spider-Man comics in that series-they only got to the first 3 years or so), and the Marvel novels (also with great painted covers). That, and the Marvel characters taking over TV, really made it seem my exclusive Marvel, non-DC stance of the day was the right move to make! :)

Al Bigley

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