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March 02, 2009


Z Ryan

The Wally Wood designed red costume may be the best designed superhero costume there is. Yet he makes it look so easy and simple.

Mark Engblom

I certainly agree Wood's DD costume is one of the best designs...but I think it's edged out by the Barry Allen Flash costume and...my top pick...the Spider-Man costume.

ShadowWing Tronix

Ah, radiation. Is there anything you can't do? I mean besides most of what your shown doing in early comics.

Pat Curley

Yeah, yellow doesn't exactly inspire fear in the hearts of evil-doers.

And for great costumes you'd have to include Batman on the very short list.

Al Bigley

I always thought DD's early suit was to resemble how an outfit would look that was stitched together using stuff around a gym..The short boxing gloves and boots, early-60s workout suits and sweats, etc...

I love that 1977 issue of WHAT IF-? where Spidey carps on DD for his ugly outfit.. Spidey's great line?

"I know this is hitting below the chest emblem, DD, but..."


Al Bigley


Well, although Matt says that each coloured fabric has a different feel to it, he still doesn't know what colour each piece is (only that they're different). So perhaps he thought he was putting together a dark blue and red suit?

Still, although the colour scheme is terrible, it's not a bad attempt for a blind lawyer.

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