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March 26, 2009



How great would it be if Marvel still only published 21 comics in a month instead of 21-or-more mutant books and 40 or so others?


Back in Uncanny's 80s heyday, I was always very proud of one of my favourite comics characters, Logan/Wolverine, who -- let's face it -- had a mug only a mother could love... and the personality to go with it!

Pat Curley

The Thing had a cute nose? Actually Ben as Ben and not Thing was still a pretty homely guy.

If you watch TV shows, you'll notice that the villains always have some sort of deformity--scars, receding hairlines, pock marks, broken noses, etc.

In fact, some major Marvel villains had that trait as well--the Mole Man and Dr Doom.

Mr. Shiny

... Of course, this was all before the debuts of Deadpool (rotting), Rorschach (homely, smelly), and Hellboy (demonically craggy).


Originally, Peter Parker was kind of a gawky, nerdy, high-forehead skinny guy/pencil neck geek before he got turned into Rob Lowe.

Chris Tolworthy

Kirby was great at drawing normal-to-ugly villains. And the best ones weren't really villains, just misunderstood. And they were OLD as well. I love old, ugly misunderstood characters. Some examples: http://enterthestory.com/images/ff_old2.jpg http://enterthestory.com/images/ff_old3.jpg
http://enterthestory.com/images/ff_old4.jpg http://enterthestory.com/images/ff_old5.jpg

Mark Engblom

Of course, you can't forget the KING of ugly himself: MODOK

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