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March 23, 2009


Pat Curley

The funny thing was with the JLA they tried to have the exact opposite qualification; you couldn't be in it until you graduated to your own magazine. Of course, they violated that rule with two of the original members (Martian Manhunter never had his own magazine in the Silver Age and Aquaman didn't have one until a few years later), and the first new inductee (Green Arrow).

Mark Engblom

Thanks, Pat. I wasn't aware of the JLA's policy. I figured that if they let a nitwit like Snapper Carr hang around, they'd let in just about anyone.


This post reminds me how much I loathe Golden Age Johnny Thunder.

In later eras, he's (somewhat) more tolerable, but in the Golden Age? Yeesh....

ShadowWing Tronix

"Hotcha" is one of those slang terms that deserves it's space in the grammar grave.

I'm wondering which game plan makes more sense? On the one hand, you do avoid overusing the character, or making some of the mistakes currently made (just how many comics is Wolverine showing up in this month?). On the other hand, I'm sure having Superman and Batman in the JLA comics improves sales.


Snapper Carr is in the running with Paste-Pot-Pete for worst character name.

Pat Curley

I am pretty sure that Schwartz mentioned it in a letter column, which explains (for example) why Hawkman didn't get into the JLA until years after the Atom; while Carter debuted earlier (Feb-Mar 1961 versus Sept-Oct 1961), Ray got his mag almost immediately. Hawkman took another tryout trio of issues in B&B plus four issues as a backup to Adam Strange in Mystery in Space before he finally "earned his wings" and was inducted into the JLA three months after his debut issue. Metamorpho also got the offer shortly after his mag appeared on the stands, although he memorably said no.

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