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March 13, 2009


Pat Curley

LOL! What always got me about the hypnotize people thing was that it always showed a woman, often reclining on a couch. Now why would somebody want to hypnotize a woman? I'm thoroughly baffled here.

Mark Engblom

With the ad's crummy photo quality, it looks like Mr. Hypno-Coin has a middle-aged DMV clerk doing the zombie-walk instead of the hot babe the ad guys think they're enticing us with.


See, as I said on another thread about comic ads, it was my plan to get all the items and use them to become a super-hero with X-ray spex, throw your voice, Charles atlas muscles, maybe even one of the full-sized vehicles to turn into a whatever-mobile. The coin would make me like the Ring Master (Oh yeah, he had a Circus of Crime. I guess he was a bad guy. Still cool, though). Wait, didn't Superman have super-hypnosis from time-to -time? Didn't Reed hypnotize Doctor Doom in FF Annual#2? Yay, another power for the never-ending battle!

Mark Engblom

Sounds like a solid plan, zub...if I don't beat you to it, that is!

Yeah, the Ringmaster had what appeared to be a spinning Hypno-Coin attached to his top hat, which allowed him to hynotize (and rob) his unwitting audiences. Superman used super-hypnosis quite a bit, but I don't recall Reed hypnotizing Doom. I'll have to check out my copy and refresh my memory.

Because zub's hypnotic suggestion compels me to.

Pat Curley

Reed did hypnotize Doom in FF Annual#2; he made Doom believe he had defeated and destroyed Mr Fantastic in a battle of wills, and Doom stalked off in triumph. It was a year or so before he found out how he'd been duped.


Zubzwank's idea would be a great supervillain origin! Someone who bought all that crap (and a monkey!) but, through some weird comic book alchemy, it actually all *works* for him!

He'd team up with my revised version of '80s Flash villain Colonel Computron - a guy with all this fancy equipment that (somehow) can be used for amazing feats... BUT still only works with '80s equipment, so he's using a TRS-80 with a cassette drive, many of his "big heists" involve knocking over a warehouse of old Atari 400 spare parts, etc....

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