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February 10, 2009


Pat Curley

It's an oddity, because the artwork on the cover isn't all that bad (aside from Chuck's pajamas), but at the same time, it just screams, "This is going to suck!"

The sad part is that DC probably missed out on an opportunity to place the Blackhawks back in the WWII era in the early 1960s, when nostalgia for that era was very high. They did do some backup features (I think they were called "War Diaries" that placed the individual members back in WWII, but the main stories were generally the monster of the month club.


It's curious how the Blackhawks, as one of the few Golden Age features to survive more or less uninterrupted well into the Silver Age, suffered for that in the end.

It seems totally natural *now* that you'd want to set a Blackhawk feature in WWII. But at the time, of course, Blackhawk wasn't a "period" feature at all....


What a sad, sad moment for a fine bunch of heroes. Thank God Evanier and Spiegle got a chance to do the Blackhawks right many years later.

That said, I wish Underoos had made a "Listener" set--jammies with big ears on 'em!


Some of them don't look that bad.
Two of them have an armored look which might
go over OK.

Two other ones look like paramilitary/mercenary types, not exactly an unknown modern concept.

Marvel had two leaper characters, Toad and Batroc (although both were bad guys), and the Hulk jumped around.

The guy with the ears, though...

David E Martin

Olaf's superball-equipped shoes got my fellow 11-year-olds and I wondering how we could make them for ourselves. Unfortunately / fortunately none of use could figure out how to make rigid slip-ons with hemispherical pits in which to glue the superballs.

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