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February 17, 2009


Pat Curley

LOL! Your gag worked perfectly! I scrolled down, saw the Legion Clubhouse and I'm thinking what the heck and I scroll back up to make sure I didn't miss the Batcave up above and I scroll down to give you the "Doh!" comment and I saw the real #1! Best laugh of the night!

Ones I do like that were not mentioned are Blackhawk Isle, and yes, the Legion Headquarters, as goofy as it is. In the early issues it definitely has that tree-fort look. From the outside you'd swear they couldn't get ten people in there without things getting a little sweaty. Right about the same time as the Tardis, Legion HQ was a building that was much bigger on the inside than the outside.

I agree on the Batcave and Fortress. They are truly special.

Wes C

Ha!, you got me too!

My initial reaction was wow, no Batcave? Really? Then I thought it was kinda brave (if not a little odd) to not even have the cave on the list. I was trying to imagine the litany of angry Bat-Fans you were going to have to placate, when, bam! there it is.

I would have put the Baxter Building closer to the top of the list (but that's just me). Thanks for including the Tower of Fate, it totally slipped my mind.

Mark Engblom

Heh. Glad the #1 gag worked out.

Actually, the Legion headquarters that almost DID make the cut was the one introduced during the 70's with the big "L" on the front and the funky space-age spindles and such adorning it.

Michael Rebain

No quibbles about any of your choices, although I would have named the Baxter Building in place of Latveria. Avengers Mansion and the SHIELD Helicarrier are also worthy of mention, but the expanded Legion HQ introduced in 1968 is definitely an all time favorite of mine.

Comic Coverage

As high profile as the Avengers Mansion is and, similarly, the old JSA brownstone, I didn't choose them since they're essentially just old buildings without a whole lot to distinguish them as A-list headquarters.


I kind of liked the Watchtower, but mainly because if its name.

Functionally, it wasn't kind of worse than the satellite. I mean...granted, space is space, and regardless of distance, you're still talking about travel measured better in hours than minutes (including take-off and docking/landing). Still, satellites generally are 80 to 1,200 miles up. The moon, on the other hand, is 225,622 miles away at its closest point. Pretty significant difference.

I know they had teleports, but if those are down (which they ALWAYS seemed to be), you wind up having to travel for a heck of a lot longer. Unless you're Superman, and can travel the speed of light through a vacuum, you're SOL.

Pat Curley

I was trying to think of ones that weren't named. One is the Aerie, the brief home for the Olsen/Robin team, in an abandoned observatory. I believe it was only mentioned in a couple of World's Finest issues. Very high on the coolness quotient, but minor as history.


The gag worked on me too. Damn I'm gullible!

Batcave @ #1--as it should be.


Really enjoyed the list, and I'm glad the Phantom's headquarters made the cut! I think the only deviation I might have made is to somehow include the Hall of Justice in there, and maybe the Legion of Doom as a tie-in but that's about it. Then again, it isn't nearly as steeped in actual comic book lore.

Ah, and I still love the fact that not only is there a giant key sitting just outside Superman's Fortress of Solitude, but that it's actually pointing right to it as well! Talk about super confidence! Then again, when 99.999999% of the universal population can't lift it, and even more have never visited the location, you can probably be a little open and honest about that kind of thing.


Great list, but I'm kind of surprised that Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters didn't make the cut. I understand the building itself probably isn't worth mentioning, but the concept of the school and specifically the Danger Room was unique and brilliant...


Great list. I'd probably shuffle them around a bit and I'd definitely include Dr. Strange's Sanctum Santorum and probably the Xavier School as Skeeter mentioned. But lots of fun to read and remember.


How could you forget Green Arrow's Arrowcave? The most original secret headquarters ever!!! With the unforgettable arrowcar, arrowcopter, arroboat, um, lessee, probably a glass booth with Speedy's costume in it, maybe some arrowpoles to slide down ... okay, maybe it wasn't so original after all.

John Trumbull

Great list, Mark! I've never thought of Latveria as a headquarters before, but it makes sense. I'd give honorable mentions to Blackhawk Island, the 70s Legion HQ, the All-Star Squadron's Trylon & Perisphere, the Super Friends' Hall of Justice & the Legion of Doom's giant Darth Vader head.

Comic Coverage

AAAARRRRGGGHH! I can't believe I forgot the All-Star Squadron's headquarters!!! Geez...if I'd remembered, it would have been in the place of Challenger Mountain. Hmmmm....maybe I should make a change?

Pat Curley

Since you included villains (well, one) I'd also put in a good word for Luthor's Lair, his Silver Age hideout in a museum in downtown Metropolis. You had to shake Caesar's hand to get in, and inside there were statues dedicated to the greatest criminals in history.


Two more came to mind. Titan's Tower -- basically a Baxter Building rip-off, even the point of being in Manhattan, but it gave the Teen Titans someplace to hang up their capes. Also, while the Joker has never stuck to a single location, it was referred to periodically as the ha-ha-cienda, which has a nice ring to it.


What about Joker's Ha-Hacienda?

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