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February 16, 2009


John Trumbull

Great list so far. Here's hoping the Batcave & the JLA satellite are in the top 5!

Pat Curley

The Batcave and JLA satellite and Fortress of Solitude are obvious choices. I'd guess that the Legion's upside down rocket and the Avengers Mansion round out the list. Blackhawk Island and the Titans Tower are possibilities I suppose.

Mark Engblom

"Here's hoping the Batcave & the JLA satellite are in the top 5!"

I would say the odds are very good you'll be seeing those two in the top five.

As for the other possibilities posted by Pat...stay tuned!

ShadowWing Tronix

Right. If the Fortress isn't #1, I officially know nothing about you. Sadly, I'm betting the Autobots' "The Ark" doesn't end up on the list, but at least we got the Skull Cave, so I'm still happy. :)


How's about:

Dr. Strange's cool house in Greenwich Village;

The Arrowcave*, which caused Batman to exclaim to Green Arrow--who also had an arrowplane and an arrowcar--"Good Lord, man! Have you ever had an original thought in your life?";

Also, the JLA first had a cave as HQ.

Since these are "comic book headquarters", not
"superhero headquarters", can I include Tubby
and the guys (Little Lulu) "No Girls Allowed"
clubhouse in the woods?

*Do all rich playboy crimefighters just happen
to have really cool caves right under their mansions?

ShadowWing Tronix

Of course they do. Doesn't everyone? I use the attic because mine's too drafty.

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