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February 28, 2009


Ivan Wolfe

You're just afraid to admit Mopee is the greatest character ever created.

In fact, I believe he's responsible for most heroes' origins. I hear Mopee once threw a bat through a window and placed a spider in a radiation demonstration.

(No, I'm not serious, and yes, I just referenced Ambush Bug).

Chris Mullen

I think this is the best illustrator of a retcon that did not need to be. It would be tantamount to saying that Thomas Wayne faked his death, killed Martha Wayne for cheating on him with Alfred and Bruce has been living a lie his whole life.

Oh, wait. That one's fake too, right? Just like Mopee?


I know a few people who are excited over this new Flash series, with the duo DC has put on the book, it seems it will prosper.

Pat Curley

My buddy Mike Voiles at the DC indexes says that the Mopee story is still in continuity, although as you say DC mostly ignored it afterwards. It does explain one thing better than the original, and that's the goofy second lightning bolt hitting the lab rack and turning Wally into Kid Flash. I always felt that was almost as much an insult to us as this ridiculous story.

Dan Lietha

Funny that this is an "intelligent design" vs "chance random processes" (aka evolution) debate. Also strange that I want to cheer on the random chance side of this one. The designer here is a goof! Weird! :-)

Comic Coverage

LOL! I hadn't thought if it that way before, Dan!


Odd. A few years ago, Mopee was a forgotten footnote. Now he seems to be getting a lot of attention from fan blogs.


That one's easy to fix. Just reveal in some issue that Mopee was lying for some reason. Of course, that would just call more attention to the issue, so maybe ignoring would be better.

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