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February 02, 2009


Pat Curley

Yeah, but don't forget you get so much more quality for that $4.00 than you did for 20 cents.

By which I mean that the paper is a little nicer and the coloring is better. ;)

Terrific Kane cover, although I do wonder why Pepper's pendant isn't hanging straight down.

ShadowWing Tronix

One could simply say that we're just getting an angled view of the faceplate that resembles an anguished expression, which may be what the artist did at all. However, it is an easy way to explain it away if the face plate having an expression bothers one.

Either way it looks fantastic, so I really don't care. Just saying.

Wes C

I've always been of the belief that if you can accept unstable molecules, Pym particles, Asgard, magic lightning, the Speed Force, etc. why should it bother you that Iron Man's face mask can move a little to show expression.

This era of Marvel covers is a little troubling, sometimes the "box look" really works for the cover composition, other times, like this, it seems more like an unnecessary composition restriction.

Still Kane makes it work.

Wes C

One more thing. Somebody tell these bad guys that Orange and Magenta don't make for an intimidating color combination. Whiplash finally learned, if somebody could just inform Batroc...


Hey, has anyone else here heard the rumour that Mickey Rourke might play some version of Whiplash in the Iron Man sequel?

Comic Coverage

I heard that he may be playing a Crimson Dynamo character...this is the first time I've heard Whiplash mentioned as a possible villain. As much as I like Whiplash, I'm not sure that he's the direction to go for a major movie sequel.


The Japanese have developed theater masks that convey different emotions depending on how the actor holds his head ( see http://www.kasrl.org/noh_mask.html for an example )-- although I'm not saying Tony Stark was a student of Noh Theatre...

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