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February 09, 2009



I personally never liked the "crystal" Iceman, because, if he was transparent, what happens to his skin, internal organs, etc.? It just doesn't seem right that these would all changed to flat, featureless ice.

A man covered-in-ice kinda look would have been better, like a walking frozen guy.

You never doubted there was a human body within the flame on the HT.


Weird. I always thought Iceman was covered with ice until the 1990s. But there he is, transparent from the first (er, 9th). At least, that's how I interpret those horizontal lines below his knees.

Pat Curley

DC's Silver Age was well-designed, while Marvel's was more seat-of-the-pants: Peter Parker's glasses, Hulk's nighttime transformations, the Iron Man's ever-changing suit, etc.

But in a way, that's part of the charm.

Mary E. Wolfe

hm, Marvel Comics have always been the quality stories to read. Recently I've shown some of the older ones, which I read when I was younger, to my son. He fell in love especially with the Batman comics :)


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