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February 26, 2009


ShadowWing Tronix

But I thought "real" heroes didn't use guns? Isn't that what "they" keep telling us? Sure, they're full of it, but still...

Justice League Unlimited so dropped the ball not teaming him with Batman in at least one story.

Comic Coverage

"But I thought "real" heroes didn't use guns?"

Hey...if a 10 ft. rabbit is heading my way, those guns are gonna be blazin'.

Lloyd White

Why do I suddenly think DeForest Kelley would've made a great Vigilante? Great find!

David Morefield

Oddly enough, this very thing once happened to Jimmy Carter.

John Nowak

Why would sudden enlargement unleash predatory instincts in a rabbit? I'll confess, I don't know much about rabbits -- do they defend the herd aggressively, the way bulls will?

Now, if I had an embiggening ray, I'd embiggen cats. The only difference between a housecat and a tiger is 500 pounds.


-Make T-shirts and teeth glow
-Make invisible ink turn visible
-Turn a gin & tonic neon blue
-Make a disco incredibly cool
-Make rabbits 10ft tall

Is there anything black lights can't do?

Mark Engblom

Black light also seems to give Vigilante the ability to fire his guns while doing the limbo.

Chris Mullen

So was blacklight like a Golden Age variation of radiation in the Silver Age or genetic engineering today?
"Magic Science" that can just do anything?

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