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February 20, 2009



That was fun but I realize now that I am a comic book idiot!

Z Ryan

Dang! I got the last four all wrong. And I was doing so well...


Technically, aren't some of these questions actually about astronomy?

Brian Disco Snell

10 out of 10 again!! Woot woot!!

Comic Coverage

"Technically, aren't some of these questions actually about astronomy?"

Sure, the strictest definition of "geography" is a study of Earth-bound information...but I thought I'd make it a more generic, wider-ranging look at comic book "places".

"10 out of 10 again!! Woot woot!!"

Snell...you're like that annoying smart kid back in high school who always brought the grading curve waaayyy up. Just kidding, of course. Congratulations, Mr. Smarty-Pants! Maybe I'll create a special "Master's Level" quiz for comics lore-champs like you!

Wes C

80% - respectable I guess.

I knew I was going to miss at least one DC location. Getting the Inhuman's question wrong though... that just hurts.

Still, it was a fun quiz.

Paul McCall

8 out of 10
The Inhumans and the JLA questions tripped me up. I didn't follow the Inhumans after their FF appearances but I have no excuse for the JLA goof.

The Groovy Agent

Ahhhhh. Do I ever dig a quiz I can get 100% on!


Ah, one of my favorite subjects! I only got 9 out of 10, though, missing the Inhumans question. Some tough questions there - the FF one in particular is one people tend to forget.

Chris Roberson

10 out of 10. So what do I win?


10 for 10. this was a relatively easy one for an old geezer like me. definitely fun though.

Pat Curley

I knew I was only 25% odds of naming the city destroyed in 1993; that 20-year gap in my comics knowledge hoses me again. But I did not remember that the FF didn't start out in NYC.


No worries. I was just 'complaining' because I got those questions wrong!

Ivan Wolfe

I'm so ashamed. I need to turn in my geek card. . .


Yay! 10 out of 10!
Is it kind of sad that I know comic book geography better than real geography? :-)

geography information source

this is so good. i just tried it. its good.

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