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February 05, 2009


Pat Curley

I have speculated in the past that having created these awesomely powered people, writers and editors were somewhat stumped as to how to challenge them, and hit on the solution of using doubles. It's my recollection that there were at least a couple Journey into Mystery covers with Thor facing off against Thor.

Incidentally, there are even more "multiple Wonder Woman" covers if you count the oddball ones from the early 1960s where Wonder Woman shares the cover space with her teenage self Wonder Girl (not Donna Troy) and her toddler self Wonder Tot. Very weird stuff.

Chris Mullen

I always thought that characters fighting an evil twin of themselves was staid and boring. What's more interesting is when said evil twin isn't just an evil duplicate, but more like an imitation with something fundamentally different, more like a foil than an actual duplicate. Bizarro is one of my favorite villains because of that. He's not just "evil Superman," he's a tragic Frankenstein's Monster version of Superman.

Mark Engblom

Oh, I love that kind of stuff too, Chris. Check this out for the full rundown.


I think Superman must come in a pretty close second, if you count the number of times Superman faced down Superboy (of the Superman of Earth 2 or Earth 52 or whatever).

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