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January 24, 2009



I like Kingdom Come and this post was great. I was hoping to see that Mr. Ross had put in the Monkeemen again but I didn't see them. I imagine they were somewhere in the crowd at Batman's funeral.


While I love this ending, I can't understand why they keep giving Superman this ability to live an extraordinarily long life when he's aged normally up until this point. He grew up with Lana and stayed consistent with Lois later on. It doesn't make sense that he would suddenly decide to slow down the aging process...unless it's one of those superpowers time forgot! :)

Comic Coverage

Well, I recall a mention somewhere in Kingdom Come that Superman was more powerful than ever due to a lifetime of absorbing solar radiation, so maybe his amped-up power steadily slows the aging process, to the point where 1000 years from now, he appears to have aged only about 30-40 years from his fifty-something appearance in Kingdom Come.

But even if the pseudo-science is a little shakey, I love the "mythic" quality of an ancient Superman living into the distant future.


I may be a little late on this comment, but the look on Superman's face in that last panel - the "peering over the glasses" thing - for some reason reminds me of George Reeves in the old Superman TV series. Am I the only one who sees that?

David E Martin

Gotta admit that this epilogue had me both laughing with delight and getting misty-eyed.
And looking at it again just now, the eyes misted up all over again.
Helluvan accomplishment, Alex.


Just perfect isn't it? I really loved Kingdom Come and this just was the icing on the cake. I wonder if we will see stories to those teasers.

Oh and I think it makes more sense him aging like this as opposed to getting old like a normal human,which he is not. He is at the pinnacle of his powers here. KC Supes is one of the best interpretations of Superman ever.

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