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January 21, 2009


Brian Disco Snell

Oh yeah, 100%, who's your daddy?!?

Comic Coverage

Good job, Snell! You ARE the Ultimate Nullifier!

George C

Woohoo! 10/10!


Little known fact: the Penultimate Nullifier is, in fact, a Roomba. Says so right on the box: "Your feeble mind cannot begin to comprehend the POWER of this robotic vacuum cleaner. You hold the means to destroy a GALAXY... to lay waste to a UNIVERSE."

Like a match for a child who lives in a tinderbox indeed.

Z Ryan

A well earned 90%. I had no idea of the first one and got it wrong, and on Q8 I remembered the wheelchair wheel Ralph Dibny stole in 52. Objects for a story I never heard of? I wonder if it has to do with that wheel I never heard of in 52...


Hee-hee! 100% for me as well!

Wes C

80% I missed the Avengers Defenders one and the Dracula one (I knew I should have gone with my first impression on the Dracula question!)

Oh well, it was fun anyway.

Is it just me or does anybody else wonder how you could posses the Cosmic Cube and STILL get beaten!?!?!? - I think my very first thought would be along the lines of "Wipe Capt. America from existence".


More quizzes please, Mark! I really enjoy it when you've had them, and I need to make up for my 60% on this one.


Michael Rebain

100% (with a total guess on the the Hellboy one)


Are these also objects of power?
(some are pretty obvious)

Green Lantern's ring (and power battery on Oa)
Thor's Hammer.
Dynamo's belt (Tower Comics in the 60's)
Underdog's (and Hourman's) pills. Yes, Underdog took pills to get super, thus initiating an entire generation into addiction.
Dr. Strange's cape (of levitation)
Wonder Woman's lasso
Dr. Spectrum's jewel (Squadron Supreme)

In the FF movie, they made the Silver Surfer's board the source of his power, which I thought was a stupid idea.
Mandarin's 10 rings (Iron Man)

Will list more--if you want--when I think of them.

ShadowWing Tronix

I only knew of the bell, wheel, and jar because I just read the first book in the JLA/Avengers crossover GN. Not surprisingly, I missed the Hellboy and Doctor Strange/Dracula questions because I don't read them. Lucky guess on question 1.

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