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January 09, 2009


Pat Curley

Hehe, that letter gives me an idea for a great cover blurb on Wonder Woman issues: "Now with 75% fewer chains!"


That is absolutely fascinating. I mean, what other business would you find a letter like that?

"My secretary has listed the many different ways to bind, gag, or generally restrain women. Please choose any of these." As if it was just the chains that were the problem. Classic!

Comic Coverage

Yeah, imagine being Miss Roubicek and getting that assignment!

"Miss Roubicek, I need a list of methods which can be used to keep women enclosed or confined without the use of chains."

"Uh...like maybe packing string or dental floss?"

"Exactly. Now get to it. Oh, and bring me some more coffee."


So what's on the list, then?

I recently listened to an interview with Martin Pasko on the "Word Balloons" podcast about the DC Vault. Fascinating interview, and I'll really need to buy the Vault itself now!

Mark Engblom

Pasko is an impressive guy. In the interview I heard (possibly another Word Balloon interview), he came across as a really thoughtful and engaged guy who, while not currently writing comics, still has great insights into them. He was a great choice to write the DC Vault.

Mark Engblom

"So what's on the list, then?"

The list wasn't reprinted in the DC Vault...and that's probably for the best.

ShadowWing Tronix

I know I'll sleep better tonight not knowing.

This guy scares me more and more every time there's an article or post about him.

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