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January 26, 2009



"Spinthariscope????" As in, "Thar she spins!!!" ???

This was hilarious. This is one ad I never recall seeing in those old 60s comics.

Comic Coverage

Maybe there was a reason we didn't see this ad in heavy rotation...possibly due to so many kids ordering cannons, leg irons, and passenger buses!


I seem to remember ads for stuff like a Davey Crockett-style fort that looked really cool in the ad picture (everything always does in ads), but it was really a plastic bag you put over a table;

a big rocket that kids could actually get in!

a helicopter that really flew. The picture had kids in the cockpit, but it was really a small plastic one;

big bags and footlockers of army men who were flat;

dogs that fit in a teacup;

I wanted to become a superhero by getting the
X-ray spex and voice thrower and whatever else
seemed like a super power (Charles Atlas muscles?).

I once ordered a phantom mask from Famous Monsters. In the picture, it was a really cool Batman-looking thing that covered your whole face and shoulders in black-velvety kinda stuff. When it came, it was an olive- colored army surplus snow mask or something. it looked nothing like the ad. Darn...

David E Martin

On NPR a commentator once recounted the story of when he ordered one of those live monkeys from a comic book. As I recall, the poor scared thing rsan for the top of the highest thing in the room and stayed there. Over the course of the next days they family discovered thsat not only were monkeys not housebroken, they used their poop as projectile weapons.

Hopefully somedday someone will put together a nice nostalgia album of all these long-lost ads.
It was chilling to find ads featuring a smiling OJ Simpson hawking some bicycle accessory to kids.

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