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January 10, 2009


Tony Z

Okay, I'll go with your optimistic viewpoint. When I read it, I was seeing, "We're putting everything on hold until we can find suitable ways to darken them up."
I like your reading better.

Mark Engblom

Well, Tony, darkening them up may indeed be the way they'll end up going...but the "time out" is definitely a good sign that they realize things need to be re-thought and realigned. I would think much more than the Dark Knight's success was Marvel's sterling example of creating successful adaptations without radically departing from the source material. So, if anything, Goyer should have been citing Iron-Man and Hulk as an example of a great one-two punch in faithful and intriguingly coordinated adaptations. Whether Batman is ever tied into the other DC adaptations is immaterial to me, but from here on out, the new movies need to be something more than just stand-alone entities. Marvel has absolutely raised the bar....much moreso than Dark Knight has.



I was also set for a "grim & gritty" Sugar & Spike film!

The Dark Knight was a good film that happened to be dark.

The focus should be on making the films good. I they are, the audience will show up whether they are dark or not.

Pat Curley

Both the comics companies have a huge advantage in that their heroes have become iconic enough that the movies don't have to introduce them to us anew.

I would hope that the lesson to be learned from Iron Man and Dark Knight is that if the movie is reasonably true to the characters, and played straight, it can work. No guarantees, of course, but clearly those movies worked better than (say) Fantastic Four or Superman Returns, both of which went over the line (IMHO) into camp.


Really hope you're right.

But I have a difficult time scratching up the same level of optimism. How many times have we heard the same thing from WB?

The past decade has been a series of stops and starts. Wonder Woman is going to have a film. No she isn't. Green Lantern is coming next. Nope. Never mind. Justice League is coming! Uh...scratch that.

How many more things do they have to rethink?


Here's one account of how TDK put the kibosh on a lighter-toned version of Shazam!


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