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December 04, 2008



That girl Hulk is holding looks like Kamandi the Last Boy!

Mark Engblom

...or a blond version of Medusa of the Inhumans!

Wes C

Well to start with a positive: Iron Fist doesn't look that bad to me.

That said, I've never understood how Milgrom continued to get so much work.

I feel sympathy for him. Stubby and awkward posing is a problem I suffer from sometimes when drawing people too. But, at the same time, I've never been commissioned to do any comic book work. You'd think Al would have improved over time. Looking at the West Coast Avengers covers you linked to would indicate otherwise.

I totally agree with Suedenim's comments about Al from the linked post.
He must have been one hell of a pinch hitter to get the amount of work he did.

BTW: That's one thing I like about your cartooning, your figure posing has a naturalistic feel to them. I forwarded the recent Shazam one you did to a friend who's a big Capt. Marvel fan - the panel with Shazam impatiently clicking his pen was great!

Sorry for the digression


Poor Al Milgrom, although in his defense, he's nowhere near the first artist to draw a lousy Hulk. Even Steve Ditko's Hulk on some of those early appearances is pretty atrocious (not everyone can be Marie Severin, I guess).

Still, as you and suedenim noted on the linked posts, whatever his defects as a penciler, Milgrom is a strong inker.


The 'fun house mirror' is a perfect description. The cover of Uncanny X-men #171 always bothered me in the same way - Colossus looks like he's twice as wide and half as tall as he should be.

Excellent site - keep up the great work!

tony vincent

thank you, THANK YOU! It's hard to speak negative about a certain artist, but then that also makes it difficult to just tell the truth. Ugg I hated his covers, his stories, I finally just stopped buying Marvel because it looked like the company was becoming hackwork and didn't care. My GOD, just look at the covers from a few years earlier--- what was Shooter smoking in the '80s!

The Amazing Braino

Hi, I found this site Google-imaging a picture of Power Man. As a life-long Hulk fan, I always cringed at the latest Al Milgrom cover! Your take on those individual images above - hilarious! You might enjoy my riff on the old Spider-man cartoons: http://www.atomicmonsters.com/spider-man67.htm

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