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December 17, 2008



Dude! I just bought that issue over the summer. Cool story, very much in a Silver Age vain. DC Comics Presents in general is a fun title to pick up when possible. Another issue of that series that's fun is a team-up between Superman and, of all people, the Joker.

Chris Mullen

Santa Claus is the ultimate superhero. A tem-up with Superman was inevitable.

Pat Curle

So, obvious question: Did it turn out to be a perfect Superman comic? I ask only because you can come up with a list of the perfect elements and a story could have all those elements and yet still turn out to be a turkey.

Mark Engblom

Oh, yeah...it's a great little story, Pat. Not epic or classic by today's standards, but a warm, sentimental bit of fun. Look, any time you've got Superman meeting Santa, that's memorable enough....but the added thrill of Santa's army of toys fighting the Toyman's army of "evil toys"...and the story ending with Superman getting his long-lost favorite Kryptonian toy from Santa...THAT'S a perfect Superman Christmas story.

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