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December 14, 2008



You know, the "Snowmiser/Heatmiser" song is the only Christmas song I can get my humbug girlfriend to listen to without complaint. :D

Mark Engblom

It's certainly a memorable song...especially since it's been stuck in my head since I wrote this post!

Badump bump bump BAAAAA bump!

ShadowWing Tronix

So did you catch the new Miser Bros. cartoon this year, Mark? It's on ABC Family. And my DVR box, so I can't tell you if it's any good.

Comic Coverage

I'm not sure if I want to see the new one. Other attempts to do new stuff with old characters usually fail horribly, and I would expect the same thing with the new Miser bros. project. I'm always hoping to be surrprised, though. Let me know if it's worth watching.

Ian B

Something that always bothered me, even as a kid, was the those ice bridges/slides. What happened to them after Iceman had slid past? Wouldn't they fall to the streets as great big lethal chunks of ice?

Mark Engblom

Oh, absolutely! Also, the physics of the ice slides were beyond impossible, and should have crumbled the second he formed them.

At least Spider-Man's weblines eventually dissolved!

Pat Curley

Yes, the ice slides reminded me of the gag cartoon where some strongman's lying on a hammock that is tied at one end to a tree while he holds up the other end with one hand. Cute, but no leverage.

There is an earlier Human Torch/Iceman crossover, way back in Strange Tales #120. The cover shows them fighting side by side, but I'd be surprised if there wasn't a little battle before they teamed up. And of course there were a few Captain Cold/Heatwave matchups on the villainy side.

Loved your post on the evil opposite numbers (I really have to dig through your archives some day), but you missed one oddball class of doppelgangers: the all-your-heroes-in-one villains like Amazo, the Composite Superman and the Super-Adaptoid.

Comic Coverage

"...but you missed one oddball class of
doppelgangers: the all-your-heroes-in-one villains like Amazo, the
Composite Superman and the Super-Adaptoid. "

Oh, I'm definitely going to cover them. As I've told others who've inquired, I like these guys so much, I want to devote an entire week's worth of posts to 'em. Even today, I snap up back issues with any of these "all-in-one" guys in them (love that term, by the way...I think I'll use it)!

Look for that series in January!

Alexandra Kitty

When I saw this, I thought you were going to talk about Tora Olafsdotter and Bea da Costa...


I remember Iceman's booties, but I've never seen Johnny Storm in red tights, a la his android namesake.

When did the Human Torch get the authority to "arrest" anybody??

Ken Walden

Not to mention, "Arrest" them by tying them up in a burning lasso. Sounds like a recipe for a quick lawsuit.

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